Monday, 13 June 2016

Snail mail is the best mail.

When I was in year 7, many moons ago, my tutor went to Kenya on behalf of my high school forming a partnership with a school in Ndhiwa town. He asked us all to write a letter about ourselves, our interest and family, when he came home we all received a letter back and to this day I still have that letter. Unfortunately, he never went back so I wasn't able to send my reply.

After Christmas I decided I wanted to have some penpals. 
So, just looking through Instagram I seen there was a whole world of letters and postcards being sent  to people across the world, there are many accounts that will post your information and interests for you.
Anyone who does like you, will inbox you or if you like someone you inbox them.

All it takes is one message and hey presto in the space of 6 months I've gone from having 0 penpals to 35, ranging from the ages of 18-25 from Mexico to China.

Here are a few letters I've posted and recieved.

Another hobby of mine is a website called Postcrossing. You create your profile send a person a postcard it's all completely random. Once you've sent one that has been received you get another sent to you.

Here are all the ones I have received so far, Darth Vader and the Darlek ones are my favourites!


Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Blyth Beach

So we've been having lovely weather recently, usually when I have a day off work the weather turns crap and it pee's down, but not this day! 
My friend Adam and I took a drive up to Blyth beach, in Northumberland, which is roughly a 20 minute drive from mine and I had never been before! I was so surprised at how lovely the beach was, only a handful of people on their daily runs and a few dog walkers. I'll let the photo's show how beautiful it is, my words won't do it justice.

And afterwards, we headed to Bedlington Country Park, which I never even knew existed.

Much love, 
M! xo