Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My 21st

Hello lovelies! 

Times gone by so quick, since July I've been to Turkey, Edinburgh Zoo and finally I've turned 21!
You're probably thinking 'Well that ain't much' but, these three occasions have given me some of the most amazing memories!

First of all I'll start with my 21st birthday as that was the most recent thing that has happened. As my birthday was on a Monday I felt that the weekend before hand was the perfect time to go out; Kate, Tom and Nadia (the besties) came home from uni to celebrate. I decided I'd enjoy the night better if the girls went to town for a few hours before hand then the boys met up with us half way through the night. It was probably the best night I've had out. Y'know the morning after where people have a summary of the night as I only remember bits of it Kate's status helped a little.
"Day two of Miss Michelle's birthday I should say was another day/night of success 2 free bottles of champagne, and another half a bottle of a smurf, plenty of dancing and drinking, nearly crashing a wedding party oh and nearly punching a creepy stalker guy not to mention screaming to living on a pray (the rendition I just got this morning was beautiful btw) Oh and I think the hangover that is currently setting in from our birthday girl is just the proof of the 21st awesomeness. Well done people!"
Pretty eventful!

Can't believe I'm 21, doesn't feel any different apart from a pay rise and I am able to go clubbing in America!
Much Love,
M! xo

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beach, beach beach!

Hello lovelies,
I hope you've all been well, I've been having some much needed power up and down time. I've FINALLY finished my first year of uni, it's went by FAR to quick. So once me and the girls had handed in our last assignment, we went and got our nails done! 

Then when I finally had a FULL day of doing nothing, thinking it was rude not to, me and Joanne (cousin) took our younger cousin Charley to the beach. It was Charley's first time!




We had such a fun day, so happy with the weather and for once I am not a milk bottle I have slight red lines on my arms and my freckles are showing they never show unless I'm tanned yay!
Later on in the day when it began to get cooler, we drove to a mini zoo but it was closed :(

Yesterday, me and the mother took a little shopping trip to Primark and bought a load of clothes and shoes for Turkey which I will put in a separate post seriously can't wait only 31 days left.
Are you going on holiday this year? 

Much Love, 
M! xo

Friday, 10 May 2013

Lifescouts: French Language Badge.

Bonjour Sweeties!

Comment ça va? - How's it going?
Oui! Je parle Français, un petit peu! - I speak French a little bit.

When I was little living in Kent we'd used to get the ferry over to France every other weekend just to have a look at the markets. I always found the French accent funny to hear as I didn't understand it one bit.
Until, I moved to Newcastle where learning French was mandatory in my new Primary School.
Right the way through from Year 1 till Year 10 I was taught French, you'd think I would be fluent but I'm not. I never really stuck at it enough and when the summer holidays came around, when we'd go back to school I'd forgotten most of it!
I know enough to get my by on holiday which is always a plus :)

In Year 6, we actually went to French for a week we stayed in the amazing Château de la Baudonnière, we went on day trips to Le Mont Saint Michel which was beautiful, to the local shops in and around Normandy and we made bread! 
As simple as it sounds it was so fun!
Oh, and we ate a snail covered in garlic sauce and a frog's leg. Both  taste like chicken, yes I know everyone says that but they DO!
 I took the snail shell home as proof to my mam, she wasn't happy my bag stunk of garlic for about a week.

I really need to go back to Le Mont Saint Michel and to actually go to Paris then my love affair with France will be over.

Do you speak French?

Much Love, 
M! xo

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My new room!

Hey sweeties!

My last post was dedicated to my old home, weird I know, but you never really realise how much you love your home until you're leaving it.
It's been a bit more than a few weeks since I've lived in my new home and now I finally have it the way I want and it's about time I shared it with you gorgeous people. I'm such a nosey person, if you have any posts like this please leave your link!

There you go!
I got the biggest room as well, danke mammy bear!
Also in life I have a new job, part time at Poundworld yay me!

Much Love, 
M! xo

P.s I'm highly pissed off at the fact that the year I am not going to Leeds Festival, Fall Out Boy are headlining!
Bastille and Imagine Dragons are there too, I want to cry.
They aren't even playing on the same day so I can't even get a day ticket, beyond gutted!!

Friday, 22 March 2013


Hey Sweeties,

My current house has been my home for 13 years, every wall, door and window has seen my tears and heard my laughs. Many memories have been created here, too many good and a few bad. When I was 9-12 years old I had the typical girly pink room, 13-20 my room has been purple and white.

But now it's time for a change as my mum and I are moving.
Closer to family.

All my life I've lived in a 3 bedroom house, now we're downsizing to a 2 bedroom ground floor flat.
My mum says it's a new chapter of her life, in this house her marriage broke down and her partner died, now she's on her own, obviously she still has me.

For me, it's a new start to make new friends, not always be late for lectures. A new chapter to start my impending adult life, yikes! The end of uni going out into the big wide world. I will be sad to leave this house but I'm also extremely excited to move, hello new bedroom!
 (It's all planned out and everything, in my head)

Now, the stress begins packing everything up and reminiscing, living out of boxes and decorating, basically not so much fun times ahead. 
Just got to keep thinking of the end product.

There'll be many stressed tweets and photographs on Instagram, so I'm apologising in advance!

Much Love,
M! xo

Monday, 11 March 2013

Vintage Fair

Hey Sweeties! 

Last year a few friends went to Judy's Affordable Fair and they loved it, but unfortunately I was at work so I couldn't go.

Then I seen on Facebook the other week that the fair was coming back to Newcastle. I completely forgot about it until a friend asked about it the night before!

The event was held at Northumbria SU, now you'd think being a student at Northumbria I'd know exactly where to go in actual fact I didn't have a clue!
 I study at a different campus and I'm completely rubbish at directions, thankfully a few friends were already there so they came and met me.

On arrival there was a table out front with two lovely ladies and the cutest tea cup set I've ever seen.
To get in it's £2 but £1 with student ID.

As soon as you walked in you were hit with old rusty vintage smell, which to some people is like mustard, either you love it or hate it. All around the room was racks and tables full of pretty patterned clothes and cute  jewels. I wish I had more money because I defiantly would've bought a LOT more, it's so affordable.

And I bought these:

Much Love,
M! xo

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Amsterdam buys!

Hey Sweeties!
The photographs are what I bought in Amsterdam.
How cute,
they are SO warm!!
I thought these were little ornaments but then saw that
 they were magnets, completely adorable. 
I bought these on the actual boat using up the last of my euros. Each bottle was 13 Euros :) 
Teal the cows come home & Dim Sum Plum.

I wish I had of spent more time actually in Amsterdam as I know there would've been a lot more than this.
Seriously love the clog slippers, I want some more!

Much Love,
M! xo

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Hey Sweeties!

I've just came back from Amsterdam for the weekend, in going I had two main intentions.
1. Sit in the clog.
2. Have a space cake
I am happy to say I completed both of these!

Every time, I see that one of my friends has been to Amsterdam they always have a picture of themselves sitting in this clog.

This was just a typical tourist fancy, one of which I shall not be doing again.
Within an hour of eating it I went dizzy, completely thirsty and was having difficulty breathing. 
I had to see someone as I was scared to sleep, no matter how much water I drank it wasn't enough.
The medical guy asked if it was my first time I replied yes and he just laughed!
Completely normal reaction he said. 

Naomi, Emily and I visited the sex museum, red light district a tattoo shop and done some shopping.

Sex Museum - It was ok, for 4 Euro you can't complain. There was a lot of pornography and figurines I won't be going back, once you've seen it you've seen it.
Red Light District - We wanted to know what all the hype was, Naomi got a map and asked. Heading in the direction shown we found them. Women standing in the windows and at the doors with just their underwear on. I didn't know where to look, couldn't look at them in the eye at all too embarrassed! 
Hanky Panky Tattoo Shop - Naomi said we should all get matching tattoo's (don't worry we didn't), in the end it was too expensive just for a tiny little butterfly. 

As I have too much uni work to do, I shall leave you with some photographs.
I'll do another post on what I bought :)

Much Love, 
M! xo 

Friday, 22 February 2013


Hey Sweeties,

How gorgeous is it!
I'm fairly sure most people will know what it is but just in case, it's the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. 
Obviously it's not the real one, otherwise I would be like 'MY PRECIOUS'!
 I recently purchased this beaut from Bonnybeads. At £9 (including P&P) I thought it was a complete bargain, so I just had to have it! 
So far I've never taken it off apart from when going to bed. 
It's really light and even though you can't see in this photograph there is a key pendant in the chain.
Bonnybeads not only does this necklace they also do others such as Alice in Wonderland themed pendants.

Much love,
M! xo

Sunday, 10 February 2013

It's Pancake day forget Valentines day!

Hey sweeties,
Happy Chinese New Year!
As my dad lives in Hong Kong he decided to ring me up drunk, not too long ago, I could here music in the background and everything. 
Incredibly jealous, wish I was there!

My title suggests I'm going to talk about Pancake day, I'm sorry this is a false illusion, it's what single people say to make themselves feel better, whilst licking a spoon of syrup. 
Don't deny it we've all done it at some point.

When I'm bored I paint my nails so with it being Valentines day and re-joining POF (not that anything will come from it).

 I am a hopeless romantic :)
Black hearts represent past loves and the red one represents hope for the 'one'.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Simply delicious!

Hey Sweeties!

You know when you're in an indecisive mood as to choosing the typical Friday night takeaway.
"We'll get an Indians? No, because I want a Chinese." Sound familiar?

This is me and my friends constantly, so is there a solution?

 (Well only in Newcastle.)
About a week or so ago, a new restaurant opened called Kingdom.
A buffet style with many dishes from different countries, all under the same roof.
Such fun!!

Countries such as Turkey, China, Spain, France, Vietnam and many more.

I went on Wednesday night with a bunch of people.
We each paid £14.99 for the buffet and our drinks were on top of that.
When in comes to food I'm not that adventourous, I tend to stick to the foods that I've had before not trying anything new.
Unfortunatly, I didn't try anything new as I'm already set in my ways.
Although, the others defiantly enjoyed themselves all having food babies.

When it came to the desserts I was in my element.
Marshmellows, custard, ice cream, chocolate cake, jelly and pancakes.

If unlike me you eat loads at buffets taking full advantage you'll love this place.
The food and staff are both lovely, but personally I won't be going there too often.

If you're ever in Newcastle, I'd recommened this place.

Nom, nom!!

Monday, 28 January 2013


Hey Sweeties!

Finally I am back at the nursery and Uni, it feels like I've had months off.
I officially hate Lego the nursery has an upcoming Ofsted inspection so for 2 and half hours I've been sterilizing each single piece of Lego it was the most dull minding task ever...

With the snow causing havoc I made a snowman!
 The last time I made one I was 7 :(  
Being 20, running around catching snowflakes and making a snowman and snowball fort I felt liberated!

I'm aware it's probably not the best one ever made.

Although, I had a shitty start to the year I have good news!!
I'm going to Amsterdam in March and Turkey in August. 

My first holidays without any parents, not that I'll be going wild or anything. I'm mature, for most of the time.

Amsterdam is for Noami's 21st a group of 4 girls, I've wanted to go for ages!
Then Turkey is just me and Yasmin, going on holiday with one of your best friends, I literally can't wait. Major thanks to daddy Christie, paying for Turkey as my 21st birthday present.

Love you!

AND, ISN'T SHE!?!?!!?!?

Much love, 
M! xo