Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beach, beach beach!

Hello lovelies,
I hope you've all been well, I've been having some much needed power up and down time. I've FINALLY finished my first year of uni, it's went by FAR to quick. So once me and the girls had handed in our last assignment, we went and got our nails done! 

Then when I finally had a FULL day of doing nothing, thinking it was rude not to, me and Joanne (cousin) took our younger cousin Charley to the beach. It was Charley's first time!




We had such a fun day, so happy with the weather and for once I am not a milk bottle I have slight red lines on my arms and my freckles are showing they never show unless I'm tanned yay!
Later on in the day when it began to get cooler, we drove to a mini zoo but it was closed :(

Yesterday, me and the mother took a little shopping trip to Primark and bought a load of clothes and shoes for Turkey which I will put in a separate post seriously can't wait only 31 days left.
Are you going on holiday this year? 

Much Love, 
M! xo