Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My hat collection...

Hey Sweeties! 
Hats, hats and hats I love them. Whenever I go into a department store I always try them on I swear the staff at Debenhams are like 'Oh god she's back'. I don't ever care what I look like in them it's fun! 
I never really wore hats until I started 6th form, where there was no uniform, you could wear what ever you'd like.
 I've bought 3 hats in the past month so I thought I'd share my collection, however small it is unfortunately.

1. £10 Simply Be 2. £4 Primark
 3. £5 Matalan 4. £8 Primark
5. River Island £8 6. £2 (sale) Matalan

I've been nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Kirsty over at Just Like Heaven!
Thank you m'dear!

11 Random Facts...
1. I hate my bum, it's far too small. 
2. I'm addicted to chicken. 
3. I miss painting.
4. I take too many photographs.
5. I'd be lost without my friends.
6. Me and Kate have booked our seats for the last ever midnight showing of Twilight.
7. I'm gutted that I don't have tickets to see Nicki Minaj.
8. Each time I hear Little Talks - Of Monster and Men I fall in love with it more and more.
9. Just encase I ever win the lottery, I have a list of people in my purse who I'd share the money with.
10. Every Sunday the first thing I do is reading Postsecret.
11. I've watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, NCIS, Castle and Rizzoli & Isles.

Kirsty's Questions...

Why did you decide to start blogging?
I wanted to create something that I could look back on and see how I've developed as a person and in life.
Were you a trouble-maker or a good kid in school?
I wasn't really a trouble maker, I got a few detentions for not doing my homework but that was about it.
 What are your favourite TV shows?
It'd have to be the ones in fact 11. Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, NCIS, Castle and Rizzoli & Isles.
Do you prefer dressing for summer or winter?
Defiantly summer.
What is your natural hair colour?
Light Brown.
If you could wish for one book/tv/film/comic universe to be real which would it be? (Weird question I know but I’m dying to go to Hogwarts haha)
Haha, I'd love to go to Hogwarts too! I am a member of Pottermore. I'd love the Hunger Games to be real, but I'd be living in The Capitol though not the Districts.
What one thing do you want to achieve within the next year?
To finally have a tattoo done for my Grandad. Now that I have a job, I should be able to save enough for it.
Have you ever had any embarrassing hair/make-up/wardrobe disasters? Do tell :)
When I was 6 my cousin and I decided to play hairdressers. She got a pair of real scissors and started to cut. I had long hair, so one side was long and the other short, in the end I had to get a mushroom cut.
What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
Abseiled down a steep cliff, I was pooping myself! I actually stood in cow poo before I done it so that was all I could smell on the way down.
What beauty/hair product do you swear by?
Lush's Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo. Made with Lemons and Beer, gives an amazing shine and smells great.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
There are many places I want to travel, but right now I want tickets to Hong Kong to see my dad since he now lives out there. I haven't seen him for 4 months.

With Love, 
M! xo

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Discount night...

Hey Sweeties!

On the 2nd of October 2012 at the Eldon Square Shopping Centre, pandemonium struck.
Yes, it was that one time of year where the many students of Northumbria and Newcastle University flocked to get ....
So ready with our Uni ID's Chloe, Yasmin, Josh and I headed to town to spend money what little money we had.

Many shops got involved such as Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Republic, River Island, Fenwicks, Levi's, Accessorize, Topshop, All Saints and many more! All offering discounts from 10-30% off.
Ok, it wasn't much of a discount but a discount non of the less! They first held this event last year which must have been successful or they wouldn't have done it again. 

Some friends went last year and from some of the stories I heard, I was expecting it to be manic, women pulling a leg each of the last pair of jeans in a certain size, shoes flying all over, grabbing clothes from everywhere like in the movies? 
But it really wasn't.
Plenty of students did turn up but I thought there would be a lot more than there actually was. Most of the main stores were busy like River Island and Topshop, you just seen boyfriends sitting in the corner with bags full or literally following their girls around holding hangers. In every shop, we waited about 20-30 minutes in each queue. 

I only bought a few things as I really couldn't be bothered to keep hunting around and getting barged into every two seconds.

 The hat is from River Island was £10 to £8. My friend persuaded me to buy I'm still a little unsure if it suits me or not. It's a tad too big at the back.
The Cross vest is from New Look Inspire which was £12.99 to £8.75 I think. I couldn't be bothered to try anything on so when I came home I found the 18 a bit too tight so I went back the next day and got a 22. The baggier then better I think.
I did buy a dress from Dorothy Perkins, but when I got home it was the wrong size as it was on the wrong hanger. So annoying when that happens!
To be honest I was buying for buying sake really, poor bank.
Also on a different day I bought a much need Organiser.

I really do have a thing for Union Jacks =)
 This was £11 from Paperchase. I love the pockets inside.

I think that's my procrastination done for the day, I have copious amounts of assignments to do as I've just started my level 3 on top of my already level 4 in childcare, bit backwards but hey, ho! 

With Love, 
M! xo

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Skin care routine..

Hey Sweeties! 
Ever since I became a teenager I've had one constant problem, spots/acne
I've tried many products and even anti-biotics to help clear them or just to control them.
Last year I went into boots when I seen one of their numerous offers, this one was for face wipes to be more specific Clean & Clear.

First things first in the morning I just wash my face with dove soap and water.
Then when I'm getting ready I use;
Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion:
"For sensitive skin. Cleanses your skin gently but effectively to remove everyday build-up of oil, dirt and grease [..] It can also be used to refresh, tone and tighten pores after washing."
It does exactly that, which is great as I naturally have oily skin. 
You really do feel your skin tighten. The cotton pads are Primark's own make, why get expensive ones when they all do the same job.
Once I'm all ready I always put my make-up on last. 

Clean & Clear Deep Action Facial Wipes:
When I come in from Uni/Work and I know I'm not going out again I use these to remove my make-up.
"Cleans deep down to effectively remove dirt, oil and make up in one quick, easy step."
Once again, it does exactly that and afterwards you can feel your face tingle it's an odd but nice sensation.
Then I cleanse my face with the lotion above. 

Once I've done that I apply;
Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion:
"Increases moisture instantly, then fills the gaps in skin to lock moisture in all day, promoting the proper environment dry skin needs to repair itself"
And what do you know? It does exactly that, what a surprise :)
Even though I naturally have oily skin, after I've wiped and cleansed my skin it tends to feel dry so I finish off with this. 

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from before I started using the cleansing lotion but I do have after photos. It's roughly 2-3 weeks since I've started to used the product. My friends and family have even noticed a difference. I still do get spots but not frequently as before.
As you can see I just have blemishes and scars left.
Thankfully girls, I have a great foundation =)
Over all, I fully recommend all of these products to anyone with acne/spot problems.
Do you have any miracle products?

With Love,
M! xo

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My 20th!

Hey sweeties!
Well it's finally over, my teenage years have wasted away; adult life is now upon me.
I thought I'd share with you what I wore on my birthday, some people would've seen this on Instagram.

Blouse, George - Maxi skirt, Grazia.

As I don't have a Tri-pod yet, I used the seat of my exercise bike =) 

I love the pattern on this top, I don't have another like it. I bought this last year from George (Asda). I've worn it quite a few times and the quality is the same as when I got it. Extremely easy to wash and iron which is always a bonus.
I've wanted a bluey green skirt for ages to wear with this top, when I was re-doing the sales rack at work, NO ONE ELSE WAS GETTING IT! 
Mwhaha, so I just put 'hold for Michelle' on the back.
Oh the perks of the job, it was £40 to £10 by Grazia but sold in Simply Be.
I know the socks don't quite go but whenever I wear leggings I always feel as if they're going to slide up my leg, so I put socks on just encase, yes I've already told you a numerous of time I'm weird :D I'm normally a size 20 but with it having an elasticated waist I chose an 18 as most of the clothes at Simply Be are quite generous with sizing, it turned out to be a perfect fit. 
As you can see it has an underskirt which is just at knee length.

Me and the guys just went to our usual quiz night, thankfully they didn't sing happy birthday to me, I would've have been redder than a tomato! 
I've finally tasted Krispy Kremes, ermahgerd! 

With Love,
M! xo