Thursday, 11 October 2012

Discount night...

Hey Sweeties!

On the 2nd of October 2012 at the Eldon Square Shopping Centre, pandemonium struck.
Yes, it was that one time of year where the many students of Northumbria and Newcastle University flocked to get ....
So ready with our Uni ID's Chloe, Yasmin, Josh and I headed to town to spend money what little money we had.

Many shops got involved such as Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Republic, River Island, Fenwicks, Levi's, Accessorize, Topshop, All Saints and many more! All offering discounts from 10-30% off.
Ok, it wasn't much of a discount but a discount non of the less! They first held this event last year which must have been successful or they wouldn't have done it again. 

Some friends went last year and from some of the stories I heard, I was expecting it to be manic, women pulling a leg each of the last pair of jeans in a certain size, shoes flying all over, grabbing clothes from everywhere like in the movies? 
But it really wasn't.
Plenty of students did turn up but I thought there would be a lot more than there actually was. Most of the main stores were busy like River Island and Topshop, you just seen boyfriends sitting in the corner with bags full or literally following their girls around holding hangers. In every shop, we waited about 20-30 minutes in each queue. 

I only bought a few things as I really couldn't be bothered to keep hunting around and getting barged into every two seconds.

 The hat is from River Island was £10 to £8. My friend persuaded me to buy I'm still a little unsure if it suits me or not. It's a tad too big at the back.
The Cross vest is from New Look Inspire which was £12.99 to £8.75 I think. I couldn't be bothered to try anything on so when I came home I found the 18 a bit too tight so I went back the next day and got a 22. The baggier then better I think.
I did buy a dress from Dorothy Perkins, but when I got home it was the wrong size as it was on the wrong hanger. So annoying when that happens!
To be honest I was buying for buying sake really, poor bank.
Also on a different day I bought a much need Organiser.

I really do have a thing for Union Jacks =)
 This was £11 from Paperchase. I love the pockets inside.

I think that's my procrastination done for the day, I have copious amounts of assignments to do as I've just started my level 3 on top of my already level 4 in childcare, bit backwards but hey, ho! 

With Love, 
M! xo


  1. love the organiser!

    looks like the event is quite an interesting one, even though its not really fun shopping with loads of people around!

    1. There was a great vibe but you just got fed up after a while.

  2. I know what you mean about buying things for the sake of it, I always feel like I have to take advantage of discount! Love your beanie, it definitely suits you & will be amazing over winter! Ahh I hate when stuff is put on the wrong hanger, so annoying. I nominated you for the Liebster award in my most recent blog post so would love if you'd take a look :) xx

    1. I hate being seduced by discount! Thank you, I am beginning to like it now :) It's even more frustrating now that I work in retail. Wow, thank you!

  3. Great buys, this beanie sure suits you! I tend to avoid the sale, I couldn't cope with the chaos- I usually shop online like a lazy bugger :-)

    The Young Bridget Jones

    1. Thank you, I can't buy online. Haha, I prefer to actually try them on :) I hate sending things back.