Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Christie Wedding!


Better late than never, I'm not good at this continuity of regular posting. However said a friend of mine has announced his wedding date, who doesn't love a good wedding?! I realised that I hadn't shared the photos from my uncle's wedding up in Gretna Green, which was bloody beautiful and sunny.

The new Mr & Mrs Christie.

 I present to you the very small Christie family <3

It really was a small beautiful wedding and a perfect weekend filled with family, friends, plenty of booze and dad dancing <3

Much love, 
M! xo.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Hey sweeties, 

Throughout my life, I've been very fortunate to have a large group of friends and a few best friends. My two closet ones I've known for over 12 years, they didn't know each other until brought them together on nights out. Last year was the first time we've been on holiday together with another friend, I thought it'd be great and it was, it was just the after math I didn't like.

With them two it's as if I've been left in 2014.
Granted I don't see them all the time, we have our own lives but we always text or ring each other, since our holiday they've went out without me to town shopping or just chilling. I suppose you could say I'm a little jealous and I don't know why. 
The other night, they posted images on social media with captions such as 'hanging with my homie' and 'with the fav', I felt a huge smack in the face I'm not bothered that they go out without me, its the fact that they don't even ask me.
We meet up for a meal the other week I just sat listening as they talk about major things in their life and I'm like when did this happen? Completely clueless I was, then they ask why do I seem distant!

This summed up how I felt, they wouldn't like to not be invited out and I never do not ask them.  
Maybe I'm loyal to fault.
Thankfully, I have a few other close friends to confide in and they say I'm not being stupid.
Sometimes I think I am stupid for the way I feel. 

I decided that Boxing day was the last day of eating a load of rubbish and cut out all the fizzy pops, switching to water.
So far I've lost a stone!
 It's amazing how much you can loose if you stick to it.

Hope you're all well. 
Much love, 
M! xo