Monday, 30 July 2012

My Hero.

Hey sweeties!
I know in my last post I said this one would be a NOTD but there's something much more important I'd like to share with you.

Mr Eric Fudge.
This ladies is my grandad.
 My earliest memory of him was placing me into a washing basket with his work hat on, this memory was thankfully captured on film which I only recently found out, so now its placed on my wall. When we lived in Ireland, Germany and Kent he and my grandma would visit regularly from Newcastle. Once my dad finished the army we lived with him for a while, then when my dad left me and my mam he became a father figure, a fantastic one.

As I grew older I started to spend more time with him, when school finished I'd go to his and watch Countdown until my mam and grandma came back from shopping. He never had a bad word to say about anyone except for the horses that lost him money. 
He collected coins, read books on ships and maps, he loved to watch the horse racing and football supporting both Newcastle and Sunderland, as his dad was a Sunderland supporter BOO! :)
 Every Boxing day the family would gather and we'd play Chase the Ace where he'd always cheat, sometimes we'd pretend not to see :) 
We'd always call him a silly bugger.

He'd always sing a song and say 'Who sang that?' Me! :)
I'd ask 'You alright? No I'm half left' :)

He wasn't just my grandad, he was a dad, a husband, brother, father in law, uncle and  most importantly my friend too. Whenever I was sad I'd tell him, if I had a secret I'd tell him. I could trust him with anything, he wouldn't say anything he'd just listen. 

I was lucky to have him in my life for 18 and a half years.
He passed away a year today.
He waited for us to be beside his bed until he passed.
A week after he passed we took a trip up to Eyemouth for the day scattering his ashes by the sea. My grandma chose there as they'd take a holiday there every year in the olden days.

My last photo with him a week before he passed.

My grandad worked on ships, so to honour his memory I wanted an anchor tattoo on my wrist. So I searched in Google specific anchors to do with Shipwrights, clicked on a link and scrolled down to see my Grandad over 30 years ago. 
Since finding this photo I know that its the perfect thing to do.

Thanks for reading,
I hope you have someone in your life like my grandad.
Do you have any memories of passed loved ones?
Please share in the comment section, I'd love to hear them.

M! xo

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Daisy Taylors

Hey Sweeties!
I've just came back from York, where I found the most cutest shop EVER; Daisy Taylor's.

3 entire floors full of cute cards, trinkets and gifts I was in heaven.

I had a great few days away, bought some clothes from le charity shops (post to follow), had a heart to heart   conversation whilst drunk (aren't they the best), walked half of the wall around the city and got hissed at by some Geese (awful creatures).

Edit: I forgot to add I bought this for my mam. How cute!!

M! xo

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Priscilla Ahn

Hey, sweeties.
Every time I'm on my laptop I find myself spending time watching utter crap on Youtube that I can't get back. Then very rarely I come across a song that I can close my eyes and dream to, corny but true. Priscilla Ahn is this for me.


"Makes me sad how artists like her don't get more recognition for their amazing talent, while Nicki Minaj has a number 1 with 'Stupid Hoe'. Seriously makes no sense." 

Another comment I quite like. 
"I kind of wish Priscilla Ahn was a big popular person, but I like how she's not very well known. Like a secret treasure only a few people deserve."

Hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

 M! xo

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Guest post by Littlewoods!

How to make the most of your garden space this summer!

When summer time rolls around it’s time to head into the great outdoors and start bringing your garden out of hibernation. Whether you have a country garden or a city balcony, whether you love to throw barbecue parties or simple relax in the sunshine, there are plenty of ways to maximize your outdoor space this summer.

Planning makes perfect: Create a map of your garden to get an idea of the actual size and shape of the area you’re working with. Note down rough measurements and boundaries and also note any areas of shade and sunlight. This will not only help you to plan patio areas, but will also give you an idea of which plants and flowers will thrive where.

Judge size: If you have a small garden, avoid large pieces furniture and instead opt for more compact tables and chairs. Wooden and metal benches are a good option for homes with smaller gardens, whilst padded sun loungers are ideal for most balconies. If you’re lucky enough to have a large outdoor space, consider designing a sitting area at the bottom of the garden with a winding path leading back to the house. If the garden furniture will sit on a decking area, make sure there is enough space for people to access it easily.


Colour theme: A stylish garden or balcony should fit into the overall theme of your home, including both colours and materials. Darker coloured furniture in natural hues can add a contemporary look to an outdoor space, particularly when matched with colourful flowers and weatherproof cushions. If your kitchen leads out to the garden, choose a similar table surface for both your indoor and outdoor areas. Garden furniture oil will help to keep wooden furniture looking great all year round.


Accessorise: Keep your garden or balcony looking fresh with seasonal flowers in decorative pots. Choose a complementary colour palette to your outdoor furniture for a really synchronized look. Mirrors can create more light and space on a small balcony, whilst vertical plants and climbers will give you privacy from nosy neighbours. High-rise flats should look for pretty yet tough potted plants such as the Clematis ‘Etoile Violette’, which can endure harsh wind conditions. An interesting sculpture or water feature is also an easy way to modernise an outdoor space and solar power lights will allow you to enjoy your garden or balcony once the sun sets; without affecting your carbon footprint.
   Thanks for reading bloggers,

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Were all going on a summer holiday, NOT.

Hey sweeties!
How are you all?
 Once again I'm sick of the heavy rain. I love rain, but only if  it's lightly as my hair goes curly :) And it's perfect at night just hearing the drops on the window falling asleep, but I don't want to look like a bloody drown rat!

Every time I look on my Facebook home page I see status's like
'See ya toon! Off to Magaa' or 'Zante baby!'.
I want to cry.
I'm not going on holiday this year.
I know I'm lucky to have been away most years unlike people I know, but I need a holiday just to escape, relax in the sun.

As Kate has recently moved into her new house, me and Yasmin has decided to go down for a couple of days which will be lovely. Just having a few days away with my two best friends, I can't wait.

Well, I've bought a few bits over the past week which are;
Daisy Print leggings, Asda £8
Polka Dot, Asda £6
Scarf Print Sun Dress, New Look £3. 

I went to the pictures to see Snow White and the Huntsman with Kate and Chloe who talked all the way through it no suprise there :) I should know better than to see a film with Kristen Stewart in that's not Twilight with Kate.
Kate, like many others say she can't act, I admit in Twilight her faces are the same, but in Snow White, I thought she was really good. 
Having Chris Hemsworth besides her did help ALOT but still it was a good movie!

I've mainly been baby sitting Charley who has started to walk!!! My Aunt showed me video of Charls holding her walker taking it across the room, I cried. Such a proud cousin! 

I also went to Amici's with Kate, her mam and mam's friend. Which is always a barrel of laughs! I normally have the same dish Lasange but this time I changed! I rarely change my order but I'm glad I did. Instead I had pasta Carbonara IT HAS BACON IN!! I could NEVER be a vegetarian.

I've been looking at wellies and shorts recently for Leeds and I'm so excited!
My dad said I can lend his army jacket and boots :D
It's all me and Chloe can talk about, (festival not the boots)
I've started to chat to people in the forums which is making me even more excited, 
only 40 days until I see the beautiful Florence and Hayley Williams!!
Me and Chloe are attempting to put our tent up later, I've never done this before, I'm glad she's a Brownie leader. 
If we can't do it, I'll find some handsome (big biceps) men to help some damsels in distress as I do NOT do instructions. They'll end up the camp fire.

Lastly I'm determined to get my Iphone this week, I'm sure I can upgrade it now, finally!
Then I can finally have Instagram, Temple Run and get this cover!
I'll also be joining this weeks blog hop, join here.

M! xo

Saturday, 7 July 2012

This week.

Hello sweeties!
 I went round Kates on Saturday to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which is brilliant! It has the best cast ever. As the film is based in India we decided to have an Indian takeaway, Chicken Korma FTW! Our friend Stephen came round with his new girlfriend Amanda who is absolutly lovely! I have a new favourite quote from this.
"Everything will be all right in the end. If its not all right, its not yet the end."
On sunday me and my friends went to the pub quiz where certain unwanted people (They're the girls in high school who you expect to have kids, who have been tango'd and look like they got dressed in a strip club!) came along so to get me through it I started to hit the double whiskeys. I was a tad tipsy (well a bit more than tad) but we had such a laugh planning things to do over the holidays one of them being a 'Best Bacon Sandwhich' competition.

On Monday I babysat Charley. Note to all babysitters never wear nice outfits to babysit, they aren't nice for long. I had milk, sick and porridge all over my clothes.
Another funny moment happened this week, I held a spoon of food to her mouth, she sneezed on it. Hello food on my shirt and in my hair it went everywhere!
Then I went to The Slug and Lettuce with a group of friends as the majority of the menu is half price and its 2-4-1 cocktails YAY! Such a lovely night to make new friends. We were a bit early so me and Chloe acted as a tourist.

Tuesday, once again I had Charley. On Sunday a Spider 
bit me, overnight it was swollen so I got that checked out, they put me on antibiotics, with some Iodine patches to put on.  

I went to the pictures on Wednesday (yay, to Orange Wednesdays!) with Chloe and Jamie to see the new Spiderman film. It's brilliantly titled because it is AMAZING!  Andrew Garfield is just adorable and the fact that he and Emma are together in real life just makes it so much better! I NEED to see it again. The Avengers is like 11 out of 10 and Spiderman is 10 out of 10! Who is Toby Maguire? As far as I'm concerned he never was Spiderman! Afterwards we went for a drink, £3.05 for a cider and black?!? Ridiculous.

Once again, I had Charley on Thursday :) I was slightly jealous of the mother as she spent the day in Durham, where I love! Its just such a pretty place. She bought a beautiful dress for Char which she'll be able to wear on her birthday! During the night time, me and Kate went to B.I.N.G.O where we won squat all! 

Today my mam rang saying my Gran thinks she had a mini stroke and needed someone to take her to the doctors so I went with her. She's fine thank god :)
I've been looking at Doc Martens for Leeds Fest as I'd rather wear them instead of wellies. 
Do you know any cheap places that sell them? Also are they small or big fitting?

M! xo

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Top Ten #8 - Places I want to go.

Hello Sweeties!
I have so many places I want to go. I just need to travel! The majority of things I want to complete from my bucketlist involve travelling.

001# Ireland.
Home of the Leprechauns!
I used to live there when I was a bambino, being too young to remember any of it. Irish people are the most friendliest you'll ever meet, the accent makes me go weak at the knees! One night I was out I kissed a guy on the cheek just for being Irish! Me and Kate want to holiday there and meet our future husbands. We want  to go deep in the countryside find a cute little village and explore the place properly (like the film P.S I Love You) not just stay in Dublin to drink and shop.
                                                                        002# Italy.
I need to visit Florence, Rome, Venice and Verona. I adore the food, accent, scenery. Films and Shakespeare make me want to go more. Films like Only You, Eat Pray Love, Letters To Juliet, When In Rome and MANY MORE. With Shakespeare it was Othello, Romeo and Juliet and Much Ado About Nothing. Italian Art also fascinates me artists like Caravaggio, Michaelangelo and many more from the renaissance era.
003# America.
I' ve already been to New York which was amazing! Next time I go hopefully I'll be doing the typical road trip Route 66. There's so many places I want to visit. For example Washington DC, Vegas, LA, Orlando, Dallas. The food portions are massive, when in New York I never had a tea as lunch filled me that much!
004# China.
With my dad working in China its made me want to go even more. I need to climb the Great Wall of China, see the Terracotta Army, eat proper noodles, find a karaoke bar and crack a proper fortune cookie! Also I really want to see the Forbidden City and rub the gold knobs on the door for good luck (yes, I too laughed at this for far too long.
005# Australia.
For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to live in Australia the sun, sea, men, accent just makes it so appealing everyone seems to be so laid back too. My uncle has recently moved to Brisbane so my visit might be sooner than I thought. I really want to try surfing but I know I'll be so bad and I need to visit Tasmania such beautiful scenery.
006# Dubai.
I want to see what the hype is all about. I know a few people who have moved here and they all say it's great from all the pictures I've seen it looks beautiful!  I so badly want to stay at the Atlantis Palm Resort is looks amazing!!
007# Brazil.
Shake yo' bootay!
I just want to dance at the Carnival, the atmosphere would be amazing.  
All the colours as well its just like a burst rainbow :)
008# Africa.
I love everything about Africa. In year 7 we wrote letters to a class in Kenya, we all got a reply which was amazing, I still have my letter. Every Red Nose Day I always donate money, any charity event that was held during school years I'd always take part and help raise more for building schools in different locations. I really want to spend some time there volunteering with children or animals then I think my life would be complete. I really want to visit the Masai Mara and take a safari.
009# Mexico.
I don't know why but I've always wanted to visit Chichen Itza. I think going to Oaxaca in time for Day of the Dead would be an experience I love the art that's been inspired by this occasion. I'm not particularly bothered about any other places.
010# Jamaica. 
Would you like a beer-can sandwhich? Sorry I had to do that.
Just because of Bob Marley!
 And UB40 (even though they're English)!
And the weather.

Anywhere you need to go?
A bientรดt, M! xo