Sunday, 15 July 2012

Were all going on a summer holiday, NOT.

Hey sweeties!
How are you all?
 Once again I'm sick of the heavy rain. I love rain, but only if  it's lightly as my hair goes curly :) And it's perfect at night just hearing the drops on the window falling asleep, but I don't want to look like a bloody drown rat!

Every time I look on my Facebook home page I see status's like
'See ya toon! Off to Magaa' or 'Zante baby!'.
I want to cry.
I'm not going on holiday this year.
I know I'm lucky to have been away most years unlike people I know, but I need a holiday just to escape, relax in the sun.

As Kate has recently moved into her new house, me and Yasmin has decided to go down for a couple of days which will be lovely. Just having a few days away with my two best friends, I can't wait.

Well, I've bought a few bits over the past week which are;
Daisy Print leggings, Asda £8
Polka Dot, Asda £6
Scarf Print Sun Dress, New Look £3. 

I went to the pictures to see Snow White and the Huntsman with Kate and Chloe who talked all the way through it no suprise there :) I should know better than to see a film with Kristen Stewart in that's not Twilight with Kate.
Kate, like many others say she can't act, I admit in Twilight her faces are the same, but in Snow White, I thought she was really good. 
Having Chris Hemsworth besides her did help ALOT but still it was a good movie!

I've mainly been baby sitting Charley who has started to walk!!! My Aunt showed me video of Charls holding her walker taking it across the room, I cried. Such a proud cousin! 

I also went to Amici's with Kate, her mam and mam's friend. Which is always a barrel of laughs! I normally have the same dish Lasange but this time I changed! I rarely change my order but I'm glad I did. Instead I had pasta Carbonara IT HAS BACON IN!! I could NEVER be a vegetarian.

I've been looking at wellies and shorts recently for Leeds and I'm so excited!
My dad said I can lend his army jacket and boots :D
It's all me and Chloe can talk about, (festival not the boots)
I've started to chat to people in the forums which is making me even more excited, 
only 40 days until I see the beautiful Florence and Hayley Williams!!
Me and Chloe are attempting to put our tent up later, I've never done this before, I'm glad she's a Brownie leader. 
If we can't do it, I'll find some handsome (big biceps) men to help some damsels in distress as I do NOT do instructions. They'll end up the camp fire.

Lastly I'm determined to get my Iphone this week, I'm sure I can upgrade it now, finally!
Then I can finally have Instagram, Temple Run and get this cover!
I'll also be joining this weeks blog hop, join here.

M! xo


  1. I know what you mean about holidays, I too have been lucky enough to have gone on one every year with my parents, getting away to lie on a beach and do nothing for a week or two is just so important! Love your new buys, especially the shirt! I've been meaning to see Snow White (both of them actually) Wow looks like youve had a nice week! Oh if you do get an iphone you will never look back, best & worst decision ive ever made, I love it (possible more than life) but I will forever have to fork out £40/month to keep up my habit! haha xx

    1. Just knowing you're going away from everything, just for a week or two is pure bliss.
      Thanks, I still need to see Mirror Mirror it looks great! I seriously can't wait for it, I've picked my contract and everything £31/month :D

  2. I so understand how you feel, all my friends on FB are going on Holiday and I aint been abroad in YEARS! Sucks cos since I moved to Boro its just rained! Boo!

    1. Same! I just need sun and sand. It's all that fog :D

  3. I so need to go on holiday but I'm not sure if i'm going any wherer yet :( I really enjoyed snowwhite :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Fingers crossed you will be :) It's such a good film!