Saturday, 7 July 2012

This week.

Hello sweeties!
 I went round Kates on Saturday to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel which is brilliant! It has the best cast ever. As the film is based in India we decided to have an Indian takeaway, Chicken Korma FTW! Our friend Stephen came round with his new girlfriend Amanda who is absolutly lovely! I have a new favourite quote from this.
"Everything will be all right in the end. If its not all right, its not yet the end."
On sunday me and my friends went to the pub quiz where certain unwanted people (They're the girls in high school who you expect to have kids, who have been tango'd and look like they got dressed in a strip club!) came along so to get me through it I started to hit the double whiskeys. I was a tad tipsy (well a bit more than tad) but we had such a laugh planning things to do over the holidays one of them being a 'Best Bacon Sandwhich' competition.

On Monday I babysat Charley. Note to all babysitters never wear nice outfits to babysit, they aren't nice for long. I had milk, sick and porridge all over my clothes.
Another funny moment happened this week, I held a spoon of food to her mouth, she sneezed on it. Hello food on my shirt and in my hair it went everywhere!
Then I went to The Slug and Lettuce with a group of friends as the majority of the menu is half price and its 2-4-1 cocktails YAY! Such a lovely night to make new friends. We were a bit early so me and Chloe acted as a tourist.

Tuesday, once again I had Charley. On Sunday a Spider 
bit me, overnight it was swollen so I got that checked out, they put me on antibiotics, with some Iodine patches to put on.  

I went to the pictures on Wednesday (yay, to Orange Wednesdays!) with Chloe and Jamie to see the new Spiderman film. It's brilliantly titled because it is AMAZING!  Andrew Garfield is just adorable and the fact that he and Emma are together in real life just makes it so much better! I NEED to see it again. The Avengers is like 11 out of 10 and Spiderman is 10 out of 10! Who is Toby Maguire? As far as I'm concerned he never was Spiderman! Afterwards we went for a drink, £3.05 for a cider and black?!? Ridiculous.

Once again, I had Charley on Thursday :) I was slightly jealous of the mother as she spent the day in Durham, where I love! Its just such a pretty place. She bought a beautiful dress for Char which she'll be able to wear on her birthday! During the night time, me and Kate went to B.I.N.G.O where we won squat all! 

Today my mam rang saying my Gran thinks she had a mini stroke and needed someone to take her to the doctors so I went with her. She's fine thank god :)
I've been looking at Doc Martens for Leeds Fest as I'd rather wear them instead of wellies. 
Do you know any cheap places that sell them? Also are they small or big fitting?

M! xo


  1. I really love the cast of this movie, they were so funny together!


    1. Weren't they! I couldn't this of a better one!

  2. I like visiting inspiring blogs like this.