Sunday, 29 April 2012


I've had such a great week!
Wednesday I travelled down to York to stay with Kate for the night. We watched the Hulk, Thor and Captain America which of course was preparation for The Avengers. Ahh!! On the Wednesday night we went to York drinking. It was AMAZING! We went to two bars Reflex and Mansion. Reflex was awesome its mainly 80's and 90's songs that get played which is just the best. They have a revolving dance floor and a bucking bronco! 
Half way into the night Mysterious Girl by Peter Andre came on and all the boys on the revolving bit whipped off their tops, its fair to say my jaw pretty much dropped we didn't know where to look. Me and Ashleigh just stood watching half naked men spin round :P Then later on still in Reflex the Baywatch theme tune came and the boys once again whipped off their tops and started to do press ups until the bouncers told them to stop spoil sporters :'( Next we moved on to Mansion Jack was pretty much drunk by this time which was hilarious. We didn't really spend that much time there but the bar men were rude. 

See how defined their back muscles are :P
 Oh and if you look to the top there was this girl who unzipped her dress and joined in!

CHRIS EVANS, CHRIS HEMSWORTH WITH ROBERT DOWNEY JR AND SCARLETT JOHANSSON (Of course there is more actors and actresses in the film but they aren't as drop dead gorgeous as the ones mentioned.) 

Friday I baby sat Charley again she is getting so big and her first tooth is coming through!

How cute are taxi drivers I know they want a tip but still?!
 On the way to the train station my driver was an older guy he was saying that I'd interrupted his breakfast which I jokingly apologised for as it was a bacon sandwich (I'd be furious if anyone stopped me from tucking into bacon it is magical like the holy grail).  Then getting to Kates house the driver was lovely he was asking if I was hitting town that night telling me where to go and that I got out, the first thing I said to Kate 'How hot was he?' which she laughed at, which I hope he never heard :) 
On the way back to Newcastle the driver talked about the rain it was really heavy, then we heard about Andres Breivik's trial on the radio which he proceeded to say that if he ruled England he'd castrate paedophiles and make the swallow their own testicles. How lovely :S

A bientôt!
Meesh xo

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A, B, C - Me

A-Z of Michelle!
I saw this on Louisa Marry's blog (she is amazing if you aren't following already, you should do!) and I LOVE these types of posts as I'm super nebby!

Age: 19, 20 in Sept.
Bed size: Single which I hate as I sometimes think I'm going to roll off when I'm asleep.
Chore you hate: Doing the dishes I'll dry but not wash.
Dogs: I did have Chester.
Essential start of your day: Vaseline Intense Rescue Moisturiser.
Favourite colour: I don't really have a favourite colour.
Gold or silver: Silver.
Height: 5'9 Swear down I've been this height since primary school.
Instruments I play: None. But I do a brilliant air guitar.
Job title: Unemployed, wanting to be an Au Pair.
Kids: None, but I want 3. Two boys and a girl.
Live: In Newcastle!
Mums name: Heather Mary
Nickname: I get called Shelly a lot. 
Obsession: Castle! There's been 5 series so far and Kate's just got me into it. I can't stop 
watching! Also I'm any item that has a union jack on I need it. 
Pet peeve: People who don't say please and thank you. It's rude and manners don't cost 

Quote from a movie: I never pay much attention to quotes, but seeing The Avengers I nearly
 peed myself at this little dialogue; 
Thor: Be careful how you speak, Loki is still of Asgard and my brother.
Black Widow: He's killed more than 80 people in 2 days.
Thor: He's adopted.
Right handed or Left: Right
Siblings: I have a step sister and brother.
Time you wake up: Between 9-11am.
Underwear: Boyfriend boxers they're super comfy.
Vegetables you dislike: All of them apart from peas and sweetcorn.
What makes you run late: Taking too long choosing what to wear.
X-rays you've had done: My forehead, when I cracked my head open.
Yummy food you make: Tuna Pasta Bake. I'm crap at cooking.
Zoo animal: Penguins.

Please let me know if you too do this.
A bientôt!
Meesh xo

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Something you're grateful for: Friends.

My answer friends.

Friendships means everything to me. They're my extended family, almost all of my favourite memories have been made with them. A friend is the most important and valuable thing in life you can have. 

A friend is someone who is there for you always, someone you can always count on and who will never let you down. It is someone who you can share things that happens in your life and not judge. A friend is absolutely someone who is worth fighting for.

I've asked a couple of friends to say what to explain what it means to them:

Dan: There comes a time in every man's life when they realise that they can't do everything by themselves. This is where friendship comes in. Friends are there to make up for what you can't do. Friendship means you're not alone as true friends will always stand by your side, even when it's an inconvenience for themselves. Friends are there to remind you of your best qualities whilst also point out your worst so you can improve them. One thing I love about our group of friends is that we're all unique. A lot of people think friends are best when they share the same likes and dislikes. I disagree, due to our friendship circle we are able to learn a lot more and discover new things. We do have a lot in common as well, though it's our differences which make us unique.

Nadia: True friendship, means knowing someone is always there for you through good times and bad. True love is a special friendship between you and another person, who sees you for who you and loves you unconditionally. One thing I love about our group they're the best mates you could wish for.

Adam: Friendship to me is a connection with people who you can trust, people who make you happy, who you can laugh with, who you will always remember. One thing I love about our group is even when people seem to argue they always fix it up and we all get on happily ever after.

I'm going to leave with a quote Dan posted on our Skype group.
“I smile: a world is born; I frown: it vanishes, and another appears.”

A bientôt!
Meesh xo

Friday, 20 April 2012

Oooh Gasolina!

Hello lovelies!
I feel a bit down as once again plans this weekend didn't happen.
I was supposed to go to the cinema with an old friend that I've haven't seen in 6 months, she cancelled the night before saying she forgot that she had plans with her boyfriend. Which was a lie as her sister posted a status that they were going clubbing. Urgh!
But I did babysit Charley (my cousin).
How bloody cute!
Her first tooth is coming through :D 

I was meant to go to Beamish, but that has been re-scheduled as Yasmin started a new job that she loves already which is great. So hopefully tonight as we both aren't doing anything we'll have a movie night with a takeaway and a bottle or two of vino :) 

I'm just surfing through Youtube and I see The Saturdays have a new song out, it's ok not fantastic but what is made me realise is that I hate Frankie. I have no idea why but you know when you just want to slap someone as soon as you see them? Yeah, I want to slap her.
I hate living in Britain the weather is just CRAP, the other day I woke up, outside being sunny so I didn't have a coat or brolly. So what did it decide to do absolutely pee down, no kidding I looked like a drowned rat and my hair don't even get me started! And to make matters worse I had sandals on so my feet kept slipping! God, I need a holiday. 
Also on Youtube I've found a song which is a complete blast from the past. It's off the soundtrack to Honey which was released 9 years ago (I feel old).  My and my friend had this song on our mp3 player (oldie) which we tried to sing to. Can you imagine two 10 years trying to sing this not understanding a word of it?
**face palm**

A bientôt!
Meesh xo

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Virtual Makeover.

I was just looking through Yahoo new, when I seen an advertisement for a Virtual Makeover. I've never done this before and I have to say its a hoot! I'm sitting with my mam laughing at what I'd look like with a different range of hair styles and make - up.
They look so weird!

All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself, its much better if your hair is in a bobble for this.
The website is easy to navigate through and the instructions are so clear.

Just click here and away you go!
P.S My friend said the proper website for this is Taaz, when on the make up section you can choose what brand and shade you'd like.

Well, my weekend hasn't been very eventful. Yesterday my family and I all had a bet on The Grand National (Famous horse race) I chose a horse called SunnyHillBoy as my friends surname is Hill. It came 2nd :(
Tonight I'm off to our local quiz, so fingers crossed I'll win something. 
This week; I'm babysitting Charley tomorrow, a possible cinema date with a friend and a visit to a local museum Beamish for the day as I haven't been since I was a little girl.

Also, I'll be doing this weeks blog hop so take a goosy gander and visit some new blogs.

A bientôt!

Meesh xo

Friday, 13 April 2012

Ace of hearts.

I got my hair cut yesterday, nothing major just an inch or two off the length and feathered towards my face. Afterwards me and mother went in to Primark as she had some shoes to take back and again I started to buy items! I really can't help myself its so cheap! I mainly bought items for Leeds Festival 123 days, its not like I'm counting or anything :) 
This is what I bought.

I got a tad bored last night so I popped on Bram Stoker's Dracula (Anthony Hopkins version) and decided to do my nails. Which lead to this design: 

For this I used;
Base - Sally Hansen Double Duty.
 Rimmel Lasting Finish - Black.
La Femme Beauty - Red.
Top Coat - Sally Hansen Double Duty.

A bientôt!
Meesh xo

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Call me maybe?

I've spent the day in town with my friend Yasmin.
First of all we went to New Look her favourite shop where I bought a lovely Red Aztec Vest and a Cream Yarn Cardigan which was in the sale. Oh and I bought a pair of really cute floral sunglasses.
For a while I've been looking for an over the shoulder bag as my current one is wearing away, so I quickly popped in to Dorothy Perkins and bought a lovely Tan Foldover bag. Before heading to see The Hunger Games again we grabbed a quick bite to eat from Starbucks along with a Signature Hot Chocolate yum!!

I've dyed my hair red! It's like a reddy brown chestnut colour. I've wanted to dye it for so long as I can't remember the last time I did. All I need to do now it get my hair cut.

Also, I've updated my Itunes here are some pretty awesome songs that I'm totally LOV'IN.
Labrinth - Last Time (Brilliant artist such a creative producer)
Beyonce - End Of Time (She is the definition of WOMAN)
Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up. (I can fall asleep to his voice)
Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound (Since I know its from The Hunger Games I love it even more)
Jessie J ft. David Guetta - Laserlight (Love Jessie!)
Walk The Moon - Anna Sun (I want to party like these, AWESOME band)
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe. I had to post this video as I think pretty much every girl/guy has gone through this. It's hilarious.

A bientôt!
Meesh xo

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nose pump!

Ahh, first of all I've just seen a NCIS episode (ray purposes to Ziva). THANK GOD she DIDN'T say YES, she BELONGS with TONY. Even hints that they are MEANT to be TOGETHER are in that episode.
 Tiny rant over.

Sorry I've not blogged for a few days a little bug decided to infiltrate my immune system! Damn flu! I kept sneezing and laughing each time I did as my Uncle kept shouting NOSE PUMP!
I hope you've all had a lovely Easter beside the fact of being ill mine was lovely, my mother bought me a Maltesers egg! And my Aunts generously gave me some money :D With it being Charley's first Easter everyone came round and watched some football.

M! xo

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My the odds be ever in your favour.

I bought my Leeds ticket today! Ahhh the whole weekend listening to amazing bands whilst camping surrounded by 1000's of people that have been brought together by their love for music.

The Hunger Games!
I know, I know most of you are probably sick of hearing about it. If you are just scroll down.
But its AMAZING! I won't give away any spoilers I promise. First of all the actors are fantastic Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss Everdeen the protagonist, is superb and I've been told she did most of the stunts herself = WOW. Every emotion she felt throughout the whole film I felt too! Christ, I had an emotional breakdown at one point (take tissues your eyes may leak).  I LOVE the costumes so bright, out there and vibrant.
Stanley Tucci wearing a blue wig hilarious and LENNY KRAVITZ WITH GOLD EYELINER!!
Also, Woody Harrelson's character Haymitch is also hilarious.
The likeness of the characters from the books to the film are spot on and are exactly how I imagined them when reading.

M! xo

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Just a quicky!
I have exciting news.
Oh and I'm finally going to see the Hunger Games tonight.
Review shall be on tomorrow too.

A bientôt!
Meesh xo