Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nose pump!

Ahh, first of all I've just seen a NCIS episode (ray purposes to Ziva). THANK GOD she DIDN'T say YES, she BELONGS with TONY. Even hints that they are MEANT to be TOGETHER are in that episode.
 Tiny rant over.

Sorry I've not blogged for a few days a little bug decided to infiltrate my immune system! Damn flu! I kept sneezing and laughing each time I did as my Uncle kept shouting NOSE PUMP!
I hope you've all had a lovely Easter beside the fact of being ill mine was lovely, my mother bought me a Maltesers egg! And my Aunts generously gave me some money :D With it being Charley's first Easter everyone came round and watched some football.

M! xo


  1. I love NCIS and CSI! I can't get enough!
    Hope your flu clears up, I've had mine for over a week now, wont budge!


    1. Same! I love Gibbs :D Thank you, drink Lemsip!!