Monday, 28 January 2013


Hey Sweeties!

Finally I am back at the nursery and Uni, it feels like I've had months off.
I officially hate Lego the nursery has an upcoming Ofsted inspection so for 2 and half hours I've been sterilizing each single piece of Lego it was the most dull minding task ever...

With the snow causing havoc I made a snowman!
 The last time I made one I was 7 :(  
Being 20, running around catching snowflakes and making a snowman and snowball fort I felt liberated!

I'm aware it's probably not the best one ever made.

Although, I had a shitty start to the year I have good news!!
I'm going to Amsterdam in March and Turkey in August. 

My first holidays without any parents, not that I'll be going wild or anything. I'm mature, for most of the time.

Amsterdam is for Noami's 21st a group of 4 girls, I've wanted to go for ages!
Then Turkey is just me and Yasmin, going on holiday with one of your best friends, I literally can't wait. Major thanks to daddy Christie, paying for Turkey as my 21st birthday present.

Love you!

AND, ISN'T SHE!?!?!!?!?

Much love, 
M! xo

Friday, 11 January 2013

Minnie Love.

Hey Sweeties.

I done this post just after Christmas though I've never came around to actually publishing it.
Christmas makes me forgetful, 
but perhaps it's just the wine.
I've been painting my nails a lot recently, sadly I keep picking the varnishes off.

Naughty Michelle.

So they mostly stay nice for a day or two.
For Christmas my Grandma kindly bought me OPI's Vintage Minnie Minis.
I simply love them the colours make me feel so girly :)

 I used: OPI's I'm all ears. 

In other news:
2013 hasn't started the way I imagined it to, I lost my job.
Simply Be just wasn't making enough money in store to keep me on.

*Sad face*
I loved it there.

Much Love,
M! xo

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Goodbye 2012

Hey Sweeties!
Well 2012 has brought us all brilliant ups and shitty downs.
 I entered it on a high from being merry with friends.

 - I found out that playing bingo whilst drunk is defiantly NOT a good idea.
- Me and Dan finally saw Panic! At The Disco which was amazing. Remember to put the sound on when video recording.

- The Avengers trailer came out. Beyond EXCITED!
- Saw one of my best friends band play at the 02 Academy.
- My obsession with PostSecret began.
- My first ever time on the Karaoke.
(March was a boring month)

- Finally seen The Hunger Games.
- Bought my Leeds Festival tickets.
- Got on a train by myself for the first time ever.

- Charley crawled!
- Watched the best song ever to win Eurovision. 
- Discovered my love for Jack Daniels.
(June was a boring month)

- Rediscovered my love for The Slug and Lettuce.
- My love for Andrew Garfield grew more! Spiderman <3 
- Had a girly weekend in York.

- Saw the Olympic football at St James Park.
- Got a new phone. (About time)
- Saw Cool Runnings for the first time.

- Finally started university.
- Got my first proper job at Simply Be!
- Charley said Shell :D
- Found the love of my life Miranda Hart.
- No longer a teenager.
(October was a boring month)

- Became a red head.
- Charley turned 1!
- Twilight era ended :'(
- Started my nursery placement.

- Officially became petrified of black ice.
- Had my first Kidney infection.
- Me and Naomi made our own song about men and coffee.
- Had a first hand experience in hospital - hello comatose alcoholic.
- The Hobbit was beyond amazing. 

I had a brilliant Christmas and New Year surrounded by family and friends I hope you did too.
May 2013 bring you joy and happiness.

The guy at the front next to me is a complete randomer.

All the best, 
M! xo