Tuesday, 29 May 2012


"Euphoria is an ever lasting piece of art."

As I predicted in my last post Sweden won Eurovision! Buranovskiye Babushki (Russian grannies) were also a favourite of mine though they shouldn't have been second! 
Poor Engelbert! I'm sure if he wasn't first on he'd of gotten more points, such a beautiful song.

Well, Eurovision was amazing as it is every year. But one thing that really p***es me off is the way each country votes. I wish people would just vote for who they actually like and not their next door neighbour! 

I haven't really done much over the weekend apart from sitting in the back garden getting a tan! Which was amazing. I'm sorry for non UK readers who are probably sick of us Brits babbling on about the weather, but this heat doesn't happen a lot! So when Mr Sunshine pays us a visit; our deck chairs, sun tan cream, ice pops, paddling pools and Sudoku (Just for me) comes out! 

Our group went to the pub quiz again on Sunday I won a beer token and Dan won the bingo.
It's normally me and the 3 guys (Dan, Paul & Liam), but this week there was a full table a couple of old high school friends (Dan F, Jenny, Ellie and Lisa) came along, which I didn't mind as it was nice seeing them, but later on they invited a few guys who our usual group didn't know without even asking us. I felt so uncomfortable. Is it just me who feels like this or am I just being weird?

I shall be back on Thursday with 2 posts. My Top Five that'll be about nail polishes and the complete May Photo Challenge.
You should all join in! 

Currently obsessed with:
Song - Euphoria, Loreen (Eurovision)
Film - 300
Tv Programme - Not Going Out
Food - Celery
Drink - Water.

A bientôt, M! xo

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Weekly Update

Hey guys,
This week has been quite good :)
On Monday I babysat Charley I took the cutest photo of her sleeping.
 Tuesday I meet my mam and gran in town didn't have enough time to buy things for myself :( as I was getting the fathers birthday presents. Which were 2 Newcastle United shirts. Tuesday night I slept at Whitley Bay Caravan Park as my gran's house is being renovated so she hired a caravan for the week, I had the best sleep ever I felt so refreshed!

Wednesday, it was Jarryds 18th (my stepbrother).
Satin Shrug thing - Dorothy Perkins.
Cotton Dress - Matalan.
Leggings - Primark.

 As a surprise his newly pregnant cousin Sarah came up for the night from London (I love Sarah, she's just brilliant and funny). For his birthday he went to Rome for a few days, which I was totally jealous of but he brought me back some goodies. He also got a new camera and a total of £275 so for him it was a pretty good birthday but special birthdays always are. We went for a family meal and the local Stonebrook, then afterwards we went bowling. My dad won the first game, I won the second.
The best cake ever!
Family meal (I look Chinese) 
Disgusting shoes!

Thursday - I sat in the garden for most of the day catching up on Deception Point by Dan Brown which so far is a fantastic read. Had a not so pleasant argument with the mother about uni.
Friday - I babysat Charley again and took her round to grandmas. As it was a gorgeous sunny day that couldn't be wasted. Didn't win the lottery :( Which led to another conversation with a friend about the things we do if we won the lottery.

Tonight I shall be watching Eurovision! Best time of the year (I'm being serious) fingers crossed Engelbert Humperdink wins, but if not I reckon the winner will be Loreen for Sweden who is phenomenal!

 A bientôt!

Meesh xo

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Never Let Me Go.

Sorry I haven't blogged lately as there really hasn't been much to blog about. My purse has been close to empty recently due to the fathers birthday.
I've been baby sitting my cousin Charley on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday! Its a good job I love her <3 

I had a job interview on Wednesday at CeX. It went really well the guy who interviewed me, god he was so fit! He wore a leather jacket (I love a man in a leather jacket!) he was so tall and he jaw line was amazing like a model. If I get the job I probably wouldn't be able to concentrate properly. Afterwards we talked about Leeds Festival and The Avengers. Fingers crossed.

I'm quite excited for next Saturday as its that time of year EUROVISION
Any time I mention it my dad just calls me 'sad & weird'. 
I just love how cheesy it is, all the lyrics and costumes it's amazing!!
I've had many favourite entries over the years but this has to be my ultimate favourite.
Considering this was 5 years ago, me and my friends thought we were cool dancing and singing along to this.

Currently obsessed with:
Film - Freedom Writers.
Tv Programme - Watch's - Grimm and Sky's Smash (Completely in love with this!)
Food - Sweetcorn and Mash.
Drink - Sprite.

Also, I'm so frustrated with myself I have Sky + and when a programme I've recorded is on a break I always forget to fast forward. It's so annoying. Is it just me or do yous do that too? 

A bientôt!

Meesh xo

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Top Five #2 - Actors

Hello, this week I'm sharing my favourite actors. Nothing much has happened this week as I've mainly been baby sitting. I've bought a few bits and bobs which I'll add on tomorrows Saturdays post.
Here are the actors:
One of the most versatile and gorgeous actors to have ever lived! And if you don't know who he is you must be living under a rock. My favourite film he's been in is Pirates of the Carribbean: At Worlds End.
I just love his British accent it makes me go all jelly. For Alice In Wonderland I couldn't think of a better actor to play Mad Hatter, he was amazing. All of the Burton/Depp films are brilliant they're the perfect couple in the film industry, I really want to see Dark Shadows which is out soon it looks hilarious.
The first film I seen him in was Six Days Seven Nights a rom com with David Schwimmer. I recognised him but couldn't put my finger on it until my mam told me he was Indiana Jones! My uncle was mad on Indiana Jones and always told me to watch them.
So obviously I bought the Indiana Jones film set which is amazing with all four films. They are all amazing apart from The Temple of Doom which is ok just not as good as the others. Also he starred in the remake of Audrey Hepburns' Sabrina.
Really hope Shia LaBeouf is in again, well he has to he's Indi's son. Kind of just answered my own question there :S

When I think of Ben Stiller the iconic film that comes to mind is There's Something About Mary. Which is hilarious from start to finish, it's one of the films I can watch over and over without getting bored. Zoolander is an hilarious film, his manager is played by his real life dad!
 I love the Madagascar films which he voices Alex the lion my favourite one would be Escape 2 Africa. I also like Night At The Museum and Meet The Fockers. Last year when I was in New York we went to the Natural History Museum I just kept going round saying 'Ben Stillers been here, we are walking where he's walked' (Weird I know, I'm strange like that).

Funny! He's funny, his films are funny!
 I'm not lying when I say I've seen everyone of his movies!
There's quite a few films that stand out for me such as; Grown Ups, Big Daddy, Just Go With It, Happy Gilmore and Little Nicky.
 Not only does he star in movies he also writes and produces them, I'm sure he has his own company too Happy Madison.

5 - Robert Downey Jr.
I've loved him for years, way before Iron Man. I like many geeky movies and the first time I watched him was in a film called Weird Science which is pretty amazing. These two geeks make a real women from a computer programme who is hot and Downey plays on of the bullies.
The next two films were rom coms. The Pick-up Artist with Molly Ringwald the ultimate 80's teen actress, she was in loads of teen films such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club basically John Hughes was amazing. Got a tad carried away as you can probably tell I LOVE films. The other one was Only You a lovely rom com set in Italy.
He really is SO cute in this!

I'm currently having a conversation with Kate (My bestfriend currently at University in York), which has went like this;
I hope I don't die soon!!!
♥ ♥
 Kate: HAHAHAHA i did tell you all this a while ago :P and you forgot how to train your dragon 2 !!!
Kate: aawwwwww its times like this that just show why i love you!
Me: N'awwwhh! Miss you!!

Whilst on the subject of actors and The Avengers I have to share this with you.

A bientôt!
Meesh xo

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday's Top 5

G'day, everyone!
This is a new type of post I'm going to do every Thursday which will consist of my top 5 items ranging from clothes, make-up, films ect. I seen this type of post from Rachel who was also inspired by another blogger.
Today, I'm starting with songs.

1. Ed Sheeran - Wayfaring Stranger.
I just love Ed, I want his babies! 
His voice is truly magnificent and he's ginger <3 

2. Bryan Adams - Summer Of 69'
Any time this song is on I purely sing my heart out. When it played in a night club I scream and go mental, dancing like a crazy chick. Why you may ask? Because every talent show we had in High School this would always be the last song of the term sang by the teachers band. All of the students and teachers would stand on chairs and all sing in unison. So to me its a school anthem that holds dear memories.

3. Bon Jovi - Living On A Prayer
You know when something always makes you happy and you don't know why. 
This is that for me. 
Any time I hear it nothing can put me in a bad mood.

4. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
The first time I heard this song it was sang by Ronan Keating. I remember buying the CD, taking my walkman (god, once again I feel old by the progression of technology) to bed falling asleep with it on repeat. My friend told me that the original was better and it totally is. If you just listen to words it's so beautiful.

5. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
My departed uncle was a gigantic fan of Queen he looked a lot like Freddie Mercury too. When I'd be at his it would always be on. We'd take turns singing the lines.
Also, it's just a fab song!

Next week my top 5 will be on Actors.

A bientôt!
Meesh xo