Saturday, 26 May 2012

Weekly Update

Hey guys,
This week has been quite good :)
On Monday I babysat Charley I took the cutest photo of her sleeping.
 Tuesday I meet my mam and gran in town didn't have enough time to buy things for myself :( as I was getting the fathers birthday presents. Which were 2 Newcastle United shirts. Tuesday night I slept at Whitley Bay Caravan Park as my gran's house is being renovated so she hired a caravan for the week, I had the best sleep ever I felt so refreshed!

Wednesday, it was Jarryds 18th (my stepbrother).
Satin Shrug thing - Dorothy Perkins.
Cotton Dress - Matalan.
Leggings - Primark.

 As a surprise his newly pregnant cousin Sarah came up for the night from London (I love Sarah, she's just brilliant and funny). For his birthday he went to Rome for a few days, which I was totally jealous of but he brought me back some goodies. He also got a new camera and a total of £275 so for him it was a pretty good birthday but special birthdays always are. We went for a family meal and the local Stonebrook, then afterwards we went bowling. My dad won the first game, I won the second.
The best cake ever!
Family meal (I look Chinese) 
Disgusting shoes!

Thursday - I sat in the garden for most of the day catching up on Deception Point by Dan Brown which so far is a fantastic read. Had a not so pleasant argument with the mother about uni.
Friday - I babysat Charley again and took her round to grandmas. As it was a gorgeous sunny day that couldn't be wasted. Didn't win the lottery :( Which led to another conversation with a friend about the things we do if we won the lottery.

Tonight I shall be watching Eurovision! Best time of the year (I'm being serious) fingers crossed Engelbert Humperdink wins, but if not I reckon the winner will be Loreen for Sweden who is phenomenal!

 A bientôt!

Meesh xo


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog! :]
    & Yes, they lived in Ireland for quite a while, they said. And I can't help it, but I'm so stupidly in love with them. You should have heard them play and sing! *melts*
    Meanwhile, my friends and I had a masquerade prom for my sister a couple months ago... and we all found a TON of beautiful ones here: Not sure if there is a location near you, but if there is... go! :]

    1. Aww, I'm extremely jealous of them :)
      Wow, we just had a normal prom was exciting or anything :( Thanks I'll defiantly have a look!

  2. Thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    That baby is adorable!

    Lots of Love
    Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

    1. You're welcome. Too bloody adorable! :)

  3. Hey!

    I found you through the blog hop :)

    I love the masquerade masks, very pretty! Cute baby!


    1. Hi, thanks for following! Much appreciated.