Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday's Top 5

G'day, everyone!
This is a new type of post I'm going to do every Thursday which will consist of my top 5 items ranging from clothes, make-up, films ect. I seen this type of post from Rachel who was also inspired by another blogger.
Today, I'm starting with songs.

1. Ed Sheeran - Wayfaring Stranger.
I just love Ed, I want his babies! 
His voice is truly magnificent and he's ginger <3 

2. Bryan Adams - Summer Of 69'
Any time this song is on I purely sing my heart out. When it played in a night club I scream and go mental, dancing like a crazy chick. Why you may ask? Because every talent show we had in High School this would always be the last song of the term sang by the teachers band. All of the students and teachers would stand on chairs and all sing in unison. So to me its a school anthem that holds dear memories.

3. Bon Jovi - Living On A Prayer
You know when something always makes you happy and you don't know why. 
This is that for me. 
Any time I hear it nothing can put me in a bad mood.

4. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
The first time I heard this song it was sang by Ronan Keating. I remember buying the CD, taking my walkman (god, once again I feel old by the progression of technology) to bed falling asleep with it on repeat. My friend told me that the original was better and it totally is. If you just listen to words it's so beautiful.

5. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
My departed uncle was a gigantic fan of Queen he looked a lot like Freddie Mercury too. When I'd be at his it would always be on. We'd take turns singing the lines.
Also, it's just a fab song!

Next week my top 5 will be on Actors.

A bientรดt!
Meesh xo


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  2. Wow! I've never heard of Ed Sheeran until I watched the video you posted. WOW! Thank you! Great music selections!

  3. Aww Iris is such a lovely song it makes me all emotional! xx

    1. It really is, first time I heard it I cried :')

  4. Always a toss up between Livin' on a Prayer and Total Eclipse of the Heart for my favourite karaoke song. Loving the choices :)

    1. They're great songs, mines always I Wanna Dance with Somebody :D

  5. Love Iris :) one of my favourites too! Xx