Tuesday, 29 May 2012


"Euphoria is an ever lasting piece of art."

As I predicted in my last post Sweden won Eurovision! Buranovskiye Babushki (Russian grannies) were also a favourite of mine though they shouldn't have been second! 
Poor Engelbert! I'm sure if he wasn't first on he'd of gotten more points, such a beautiful song.

Well, Eurovision was amazing as it is every year. But one thing that really p***es me off is the way each country votes. I wish people would just vote for who they actually like and not their next door neighbour! 

I haven't really done much over the weekend apart from sitting in the back garden getting a tan! Which was amazing. I'm sorry for non UK readers who are probably sick of us Brits babbling on about the weather, but this heat doesn't happen a lot! So when Mr Sunshine pays us a visit; our deck chairs, sun tan cream, ice pops, paddling pools and Sudoku (Just for me) comes out! 

Our group went to the pub quiz again on Sunday I won a beer token and Dan won the bingo.
It's normally me and the 3 guys (Dan, Paul & Liam), but this week there was a full table a couple of old high school friends (Dan F, Jenny, Ellie and Lisa) came along, which I didn't mind as it was nice seeing them, but later on they invited a few guys who our usual group didn't know without even asking us. I felt so uncomfortable. Is it just me who feels like this or am I just being weird?

I shall be back on Thursday with 2 posts. My Top Five that'll be about nail polishes and the complete May Photo Challenge.
You should all join in! 

Currently obsessed with:
Song - Euphoria, Loreen (Eurovision)
Film - 300
Tv Programme - Not Going Out
Food - Celery
Drink - Water.

A bientรดt, M! xo


  1. Good predictions! I can't get Loreen or Jedwards songs out of my head now though.

    I knew Engelbert wouldn't do very well, it just wasn't Eurovision enough - we need to enter Steps next year!


    1. Same! Ahh I can't stand Jedward but their song was decent. Haha, could do pure cheese :D

  2. Chic an dstylish! follow each other darling? Kisses


  3. I loved eurovision! Sweden were really good they deserved a win! x

    1. My favourite time of year (I know, I'm sad) :D