Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My 21st

Hello lovelies! 

Times gone by so quick, since July I've been to Turkey, Edinburgh Zoo and finally I've turned 21!
You're probably thinking 'Well that ain't much' but, these three occasions have given me some of the most amazing memories!

First of all I'll start with my 21st birthday as that was the most recent thing that has happened. As my birthday was on a Monday I felt that the weekend before hand was the perfect time to go out; Kate, Tom and Nadia (the besties) came home from uni to celebrate. I decided I'd enjoy the night better if the girls went to town for a few hours before hand then the boys met up with us half way through the night. It was probably the best night I've had out. Y'know the morning after where people have a summary of the night as I only remember bits of it Kate's status helped a little.
"Day two of Miss Michelle's birthday I should say was another day/night of success 2 free bottles of champagne, and another half a bottle of a smurf, plenty of dancing and drinking, nearly crashing a wedding party oh and nearly punching a creepy stalker guy not to mention screaming to living on a pray (the rendition I just got this morning was beautiful btw) Oh and I think the hangover that is currently setting in from our birthday girl is just the proof of the 21st awesomeness. Well done people!"
Pretty eventful!

Can't believe I'm 21, doesn't feel any different apart from a pay rise and I am able to go clubbing in America!
Much Love,
M! xo