Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My new room!

Hey sweeties!

My last post was dedicated to my old home, weird I know, but you never really realise how much you love your home until you're leaving it.
It's been a bit more than a few weeks since I've lived in my new home and now I finally have it the way I want and it's about time I shared it with you gorgeous people. I'm such a nosey person, if you have any posts like this please leave your link!

There you go!
I got the biggest room as well, danke mammy bear!
Also in life I have a new job, part time at Poundworld yay me!

Much Love, 
M! xo

P.s I'm highly pissed off at the fact that the year I am not going to Leeds Festival, Fall Out Boy are headlining!
Bastille and Imagine Dragons are there too, I want to cry.
They aren't even playing on the same day so I can't even get a day ticket, beyond gutted!!