Saturday, 30 June 2012

I'm singing in the rain, literally!

Hello sweeties! 
I took Charley to get her monthly weigh in, she is now 16lbs 10oz! Afterwards we went to Asda who had a huge sale on, I was so happy. 
I bought Union Jack dress which I've wanted since the Jubilee.
£18 down to £10,
Then a crown polka dot blouse
£12 down to £6. 
My mam is a bargain warrior in Primark! She found 2 cute winter skirts from £10 to £1!
 She also bought me a black pair of flossys to go with everything.

Thursday is a day I will never forget. I went to the fathers who is back from China yay! I had a migraine so I went home. BANG, BANG, CRASH. I thought the little rugrats next door were messing about with the bins, then suddenly my whole room went dark then it started to thunder and lightening! I was a tad scared of the noise. I was stuck on the bus coming from town for 3 hours which normally takes 30 minutes! What was worse is that I had to walk an hour in it.
Yet, all we can do is laugh.
Me and Kate sang singing in the rain, spinning our umbrellas around. Jumping in all the puddles we past. Until  we came across this.

Thank god, my Aunt has a tumble dryer.
People came to their doors to watch us plough through this, it was hilarious. I had to empty my shoes as they acted as buckets, unfortunately. Outside my Aunt's flat my cousin tried to jump out of her car over the puddle but slipped on her botty! 

A bientôt, M! xo

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Social Sunday?

Hi sweeties! 
Sundays for me are to relax watch a film, have a nice Sunday dinner (Yorkshire puddings are just heaven!) then after that I head up to my local pub quiz to have a weekly face to face catch up with my friends whilst having a cheeky JD's and coke.
Last Sunday I read Katie's blog Lady Million where she introduced her readers to a Sunday Blog hop called Sunday Social held by Ashley and Neely.  I'm not going to link up to BLT this week as I don't want to do two consecutive posts about blog hops. 
So why not make more friends?
This weeks questions are:

#1.Favourite movie of all time?
Defiantly the Labyrinth! You know Heat's (English magazine) weird crush list? David Bowie is mine ever since I've watched that movie. It has the best soundtrack ever I might actually download it.

#2.Favourite movie quote?
I've never really been one to remember lines as my memory is completely crap, worse than a goldfish. But after seeing The Avengers I don't ever think that another movie could produce a line or two of this high comedic standard.
"Thor: Watch how you speak of Loki he is still of Asgard and my brother.
Black Widow: He's killed more than 80 people in two days.
Thor: He's adopted."
Pure genius!!

#3.Best movie to watch for a girls night in?
Has to be The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz. It's beyond hilarious, don't watch it if you get offended by strong sexual humour, especially as there's a whole song dedicated to the males reproductive organ. Always watch this with a bottle of wine. It's perfection.

#4.Best break-up movie?
The Holiday. It's just such a sweet movie. After every break up just take a holiday!

#5.Favourite celeb eye candy?
There's two that are my ultimate favourites, I'll never stop crushing on Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth! I'd like a sandwich with these two please. I can't wait to see Channing as a striper in Magic Mike!! And Thor 2 for Chris with his amazing, fantastical biceps.

#6.Which movie stars closet would you want to raid?
For me it has to be Selena Gomez, I just want to be her, I wouldn't mind the Biebs either. She looks good in everything, she could even wear a bin bag and probably still pull it off.

M! xo

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Top Ten #7 - Bags

One thing that's been constant in my life is my love for bags! For as long as I can remember I've been buying them though I haven't needed them. I remember pinching my mams bag and putting my dolly (Peggy) in.

1. Macy's, This was the first thing I bought for myself in New York last year for $20. I love using it in the Summer as you can its glittery!!
2. My everyday bag which I bought not too long ago from Dorothy Perkins. It's big enough to fit everything in. The straps don't wear and tear which is a bonus. This was £28 worth every penny!
3. This one I posted about here.
4. I LOVE this bag but I've never used it. Each time I go into Harrods I buy something just to show I've been in like the Macy's bag. The first time I got a key ring, the next I got this for £20.
5. Paul's Boutique, I got this for Christmas a couple of years back (the year were everyone had them) I picked a different bag but they were sold out so I got this one. Its so big! I wore this quite a lot so the handles are starting to come off. So I hardly use it now.
6. Another Paul's Boutique, this was a surprise present off my dad. As I mentioned about the straps on the previous one.
7. Every time I went into Accessorize I'd always stare at the bags, they have a beautiful collection. I love the Union Jack print, any time I had money there was also something I needed more. Then for my 18th the postman knocked on the door with this from York off Kate, little did I know she'd been saving to get me it
8. Diesel, I got in Egypt at the Duty Free I needed to get rid of my money, so I bought this. It was 360EGP which is about £40.
9. I can't remember the price of this one as I've had it for a few years but it is from Primark. I take it on holiday as my beach bag.
10. Another bag from Primark, I usually take this out to town drinking or to a concert. This was £6 reduced to £4.

A bientôt, M! xo

Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday's Memory - School trips

Hello sweeties!
I'm currently looking to go on my first holiday with friends and no adults!
While searching through destinations I'm remembering some fond memories I thought I'd share with you.

#New York.
The most exciting holiday I've had so far. I went for 5 days with my art class last year which consisted of 14 pupils and 2 teachers. We stayed a hostel which was very basic you had a locker to put your stuff in, a bunk bed and a sink. The window wouldn't open the fan wouldn't work and the room was far too hot. I had to sleep in shorts and vests baring in mind there was half a foot of snow outside! We followed a little itinerary that we all put together, as it was an art trip we had to visit art museums, which I love doing anyway. We visited MOMA (I need to go back now! My favourite artist Cindy Sherman has an exhibition on now), The Met Museum,  American Museum of Natural History (I wanted to get lost in here forever! It's amazing!!) and more. Views from the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre were truly breath taking. Everyday we'd have breakfast next door at the cutest diner ever, I'd have pancakes everyday (I know, not healthy but this was America baby!) We went ice skating in Central Park and had our tea in the Hard Rock Cafe, made a new friend called Mustafa.
Times Square was just phenomenal we past MTV studios where Justin Beiber was filming, we stood outside trying to see if we could spot him a friend got interviewed; 
Camera guy: Do you like Justin Bieber?
Ellie: God no.
(Ellie is the poshest person I know)

#Stratford Upon Avon.
This was another trip with the school but this was with my English Literature class.
English Literature + Stratford Upon Avon = Shakespeare!
Yes, the birth place of the worlds greatest writer. Our main intention was to see a play performed by The Royal Shakespeare company, but the theatre was closed for repairs. So it was a mini trip away still learning about Shakespeare for our then up coming exams. We stayed in this beautiful mansion. We had to drive down which felt like ages, but our teachers were the entertainment whilst Mr C drove he constantly bitched about other teachers. On the trip we took an open top bus tour around the city, we sat at the back upstairs so when we passed the trees people were getting hit by the branches. As Mr C brought a schools credit card we all went for a lovely meal and bought plenty of wine! We visited Shakespeare's home which was so small yet quite cute. On day it was extremely hot so we sat by the harbour and fed the ducks.
One thing I hated about this trip were that the bathrooms were communal.
I was in the shower and heard someone knocking on the door. I knew that Stephen and Matthew were also having a shower at the same time (I checked the locks so many times, they DID work) I didn't know what to do so I hid behind the door with my head popping out.
Stephen: Michelle is there anyone in your room?
Me: There should be why? 
Stephen: Well, we've left the key in our room so we only have this *looking down at the towel wrapped around him*
Me: Oh, well yeah Kate should be in so just knock.
I came back to the room and Kate showed me this picture. They had to go downstairs like that, thank god there was a spare key.

M! xo

Friday, 8 June 2012

Tag post!

Hey everyone, 
I've been tagged by the lovely Courtney from Over the Rainbow. Her blog has became one of my MUST reads (I don't have many) so please do check her out.
I haven't done one of these in a while, I do like this type of post as I'm super nebby :)

The rules:
Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their own blog
Answer the questions the tagger has sent you, as well as create 11 new questions for your 'taggers' to answer
Choose 11 people to tag and link them in your post

1. I'm getting a tattoo for my grandad on the day he died.
2. This year I'm going to Leeds Festival, I more than worried about the portable toilet situation. So I'll be taking plenty of antibacterial gel.
3. The thought of not getting married terrifies me.
4. I'm currently look for a holiday to Greece as my first holiday with the girls.
5. I collect masquerade masks.
6. I really want my nose pierced.
7. I'm addicted to taking photographs.
8. I want to backpack Europe for a while.
9. I couldn't ask for better friends.
10. I lose my voice way too often, but that still doesn't stop me from talking.
11. In two years the longest I've gone without Facebook is a week.

Courtney's questions:
1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
To find other people with the same interests as me and to basically share my experiences with anyone willing to listen/read. 

2. What is your favourite type of blog to read?
I love personal blogs, I like to know more about the writer. I go straight off blogs that are about buying make-up simply to do a review on it. I also like photography blogs.

3. What are you top three favourite products?
Maybelline Colour Tattoo - On and On Bronze, Rimmel Mascara Max Bold Curves and Sally Hansen Double Duty
4. What have you got planned for summer?
Leeds festival, Kate's birthday week, many dvd nights. Day trips in the car.

5. What is the best holiday you have ever been on?
Defiantly New York last year. I could've stayed in Times Square forever.

6. Do you change your beauty routine for over summer?
Not much though I do wear less foundation.

7. Do your friends and family know you have a blog?
Only my close friends do which are mainly boys :) 

8.What's your worst habit?
Whistling. Every single time I whistle it's the Match of the Day theme tune.

9. What's your favourite item of clothing?
My black skinny jeans, I have 3 pairs.

10. Do you use one bag or swap between bags?
I use the one bag, though I have hundreds on the back of my door.

11. What kind of make-up do you like to wear during summer?
I love to wear mascara. Too much foundation clogs up my pores the heat makes me tierd so if I wear eyeliner and eyeshadow I mainly rub it off, whilst rubbing my eyes.

My questions:

1. What's your favourite type of post?
2. If you won the lottery would you give any to charity? If so which one.
3. Do you have any pets?
4. What would be your ideal holiday?
5. How many dvds do you have?
6. In the summer do you prefer to wear shorts, skirts or dresses?
7. If you could star in a TV programme which would it be and why?
8. In life do you have certain goals?
9. Do you keep a personal diary?
10. In school what or is your favourite subject?
11. If you were stranded on an island what one make up product would you take?

I know some people don't like to do tags or some of you get tagged too often. So I tag anyone who wishes to do it. 
Please leave a link if you have.
Thank you.

A bientôt, M! xo

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Top 10 #6 - Films

Hey everyone!
I know I normally do my top #5 but,
I'm a huge film buff so this post has been quite difficult to do so I'm doing my top 10 films.
After a long time thinking (slightly hurt my brain) these are my favourite ones.

The first time I watched this I was a lot younger and it scared me I remember holding my mams hand tightly but as a few years passed I watched it on my own and LOVED it. There's nothing scary about it.
Favourite character: Hoggle
Favourite quote: "Hey, lady! It's against the rules to throwing other people's heads!"

Just wow! I seen this at the cinemas for a friends birthday. When Jake first came on I was like "BICEPS!"
It truly is a great film it has a fantastic storyline, Princes, Princesses, evil people. I didn't know that it was a video game until a friend told me. The ending is so cute. 
Favourite character: Sheik Amar
Favourite quote: You can't organise an Ostrich race with only one Ostrich!

Indiana Jones is my hero. I love all 4 films but this is my ultimate favourite. Once again it has the element of myths and power beyond imagination. Part of it is set in Italy which is just amazing. And the fact that it has thee Sir Sean Connery the legend himself puts it miles ahead of the others. I love the whole father, son relationship they have it just makes you laugh.
Favourite character: Sallah
Favourite quote:  "How did you know she was a Nazi? She talks in her sleep."

This is a beautiful story everyone has to watch this film. It will make you cry but you'll be so happy at the end. Sarah is such an amazing strong girl at such a young age (I'm aware this is a film) she endures heartache, friendship, courage and hope. Her relationship with her father is so perfect what every little girls wants. Be sure to have tissues at the hand.
Favourite character: Sarah
Favourite quote: "I swear, that child has a pact with Satan to destroy me!"

With all the hype and a previous post I don't think I need an explanation other than 'BICEPS, YUM!, HOTNESS'
Favourite character: Captain America
Favourite quote:  "Be careful how you speak, Loki is still of Asgard and my brother.
He's killed more than 80 people in 2 days.
He's adopted."

All my friends seen this without me so I watched it online. Thank god I did! My laugh would've annoyed everyone. This is just an hilarious film, about a group of average English lads going aboard on their first 'lads' holiday. This is not a film to watch with your parents. 
Favourite character: Will
Favourite quote: "I stopped believing in god when I realised it was just dog spelt backwards"

This is my favourite purely because its when everything comes together. Harry finally finds all of the horcruxes now able to destroy Voldermort finding out more about Dumbledore. I read all of the books before the films came out and this I think is the closest to the book. I love the very last clip of them 10 years later.
Favourite character: Neville (Always has been)
Favourite quote: "Not my daughter, you bitch!" 

This is another film great film with the master of comedy Adam Sandler, who plays a plastic surgeon he enlists his assistant and her children to pretend to be his ex wife and children all to impress a girl. 
Its full of funny lies and its defiantly a film for the whole family.
Favourite character: Eddie
Favourite quote: "So Michael, your dad tells me you like to go to the bathroom?
Michael: When I feel it, I do it."

Defiantly one of the best rom coms out! Katherine plays a wedding planner who's kept all of he 27 bridesmaid dresses. She's been in love with her boss for years but then her sister comes to town and gets engaged to him asking Katherine to be her wedding planner.
Another film full of funny lines and great songs such as Bennie and the Jets.
Favourite character: Pedro
Favourite quote: "Hey, do you want to come over to my place before the party? Some of the guys from shipping are coming, and they're bringing tequila and bubble wrap."

I read the book before the film, it's such a great adaption. I'm sure many of you have read the book by Jane Austen. I truly love this film, about two sisters who's father has died leaving them in poor circumstances along with their mother and younger sister. 
Favourite character: Margaret 
Favourite quote: "Please don't say anything important 'til I come back."

A bientôt, M! xo

Monday, 4 June 2012

London's Calling!

Hello everyone!
Just a quick update once again I haven't been up to much (I lead such an exciting life, not) and I haven't been shopping for myself as I'm saving up for Leeds Festival (80 Days! Beyond excited!).
Kate (Best friend) has finished her first year of uni and is back home!! We went clubbing in Newcastle on Saturday for our friends birthday. I have to say from the bits I can remember it was a great night! Just 4 girls dancing and drinking, girly nights are always the best. We tried Rev's for the first time, which was a bit of a let down I think its better for lunch and a cocktail date rather than a typical northern Saturday night out. Instead of going home I crashed at Kates had breakfast and watched a few episodes BBC's episodes of Pride & Prejudice. I was so ill, I made a trip to the toilet a few times and visited puke city (not so pleasant). I was trying to remember what I had to drink and where, so I had to look at my hand (Bar stamps) to jog my memory. I was told later on a bodyguard man had asked me to get down from dancing on the chair :| 
It's a family trait.

I have an interview on Wednesday to be a Child minder/ Nanny so fingers crossed. If this goes well it'll be another step towards my dream job!

Tonight, my friend has a gig on at a local pub to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. I love how we all come together at times like this.
 Long reign Queen Lizzy!!
I love this man!

I'm in this weeks blog hop where you can join in too. Just click here.

A bientôt, M! xo