Sunday, 17 June 2012

Social Sunday?

Hi sweeties! 
Sundays for me are to relax watch a film, have a nice Sunday dinner (Yorkshire puddings are just heaven!) then after that I head up to my local pub quiz to have a weekly face to face catch up with my friends whilst having a cheeky JD's and coke.
Last Sunday I read Katie's blog Lady Million where she introduced her readers to a Sunday Blog hop called Sunday Social held by Ashley and Neely.  I'm not going to link up to BLT this week as I don't want to do two consecutive posts about blog hops. 
So why not make more friends?
This weeks questions are:

#1.Favourite movie of all time?
Defiantly the Labyrinth! You know Heat's (English magazine) weird crush list? David Bowie is mine ever since I've watched that movie. It has the best soundtrack ever I might actually download it.

#2.Favourite movie quote?
I've never really been one to remember lines as my memory is completely crap, worse than a goldfish. But after seeing The Avengers I don't ever think that another movie could produce a line or two of this high comedic standard.
"Thor: Watch how you speak of Loki he is still of Asgard and my brother.
Black Widow: He's killed more than 80 people in two days.
Thor: He's adopted."
Pure genius!!

#3.Best movie to watch for a girls night in?
Has to be The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz. It's beyond hilarious, don't watch it if you get offended by strong sexual humour, especially as there's a whole song dedicated to the males reproductive organ. Always watch this with a bottle of wine. It's perfection.

#4.Best break-up movie?
The Holiday. It's just such a sweet movie. After every break up just take a holiday!

#5.Favourite celeb eye candy?
There's two that are my ultimate favourites, I'll never stop crushing on Channing Tatum and Chris Hemsworth! I'd like a sandwich with these two please. I can't wait to see Channing as a striper in Magic Mike!! And Thor 2 for Chris with his amazing, fantastical biceps.

#6.Which movie stars closet would you want to raid?
For me it has to be Selena Gomez, I just want to be her, I wouldn't mind the Biebs either. She looks good in everything, she could even wear a bin bag and probably still pull it off.

M! xo


  1. Hahahah! My Aunt let me watch The Sweetest Thing years ago!! So crude but definitely funny!

  2. The Sweetest Thing is a good one!

  3. Your comment about The Sweetest Thing is LOL funny :)

  4. I agree with some many of these girl haha :) great post and love your blog! xo

  5. the sweetest thing is the best!

    Visit me at!

    Have a great day!

  6. The Sweetest Thing has got to be the most laugh out loud movie I've ever seen. You made me want to watch it again haha :-)

    1. Haha, I bought the dvd after this post :D

  7. YAY I found you on the blog hop!! :D
    Labyrinth is AWESOME!! :D

    1. It is indeed! Thanks for following, it's much appreciated!