Thursday, 7 June 2012

Top 10 #6 - Films

Hey everyone!
I know I normally do my top #5 but,
I'm a huge film buff so this post has been quite difficult to do so I'm doing my top 10 films.
After a long time thinking (slightly hurt my brain) these are my favourite ones.

The first time I watched this I was a lot younger and it scared me I remember holding my mams hand tightly but as a few years passed I watched it on my own and LOVED it. There's nothing scary about it.
Favourite character: Hoggle
Favourite quote: "Hey, lady! It's against the rules to throwing other people's heads!"

Just wow! I seen this at the cinemas for a friends birthday. When Jake first came on I was like "BICEPS!"
It truly is a great film it has a fantastic storyline, Princes, Princesses, evil people. I didn't know that it was a video game until a friend told me. The ending is so cute. 
Favourite character: Sheik Amar
Favourite quote: You can't organise an Ostrich race with only one Ostrich!

Indiana Jones is my hero. I love all 4 films but this is my ultimate favourite. Once again it has the element of myths and power beyond imagination. Part of it is set in Italy which is just amazing. And the fact that it has thee Sir Sean Connery the legend himself puts it miles ahead of the others. I love the whole father, son relationship they have it just makes you laugh.
Favourite character: Sallah
Favourite quote:  "How did you know she was a Nazi? She talks in her sleep."

This is a beautiful story everyone has to watch this film. It will make you cry but you'll be so happy at the end. Sarah is such an amazing strong girl at such a young age (I'm aware this is a film) she endures heartache, friendship, courage and hope. Her relationship with her father is so perfect what every little girls wants. Be sure to have tissues at the hand.
Favourite character: Sarah
Favourite quote: "I swear, that child has a pact with Satan to destroy me!"

With all the hype and a previous post I don't think I need an explanation other than 'BICEPS, YUM!, HOTNESS'
Favourite character: Captain America
Favourite quote:  "Be careful how you speak, Loki is still of Asgard and my brother.
He's killed more than 80 people in 2 days.
He's adopted."

All my friends seen this without me so I watched it online. Thank god I did! My laugh would've annoyed everyone. This is just an hilarious film, about a group of average English lads going aboard on their first 'lads' holiday. This is not a film to watch with your parents. 
Favourite character: Will
Favourite quote: "I stopped believing in god when I realised it was just dog spelt backwards"

This is my favourite purely because its when everything comes together. Harry finally finds all of the horcruxes now able to destroy Voldermort finding out more about Dumbledore. I read all of the books before the films came out and this I think is the closest to the book. I love the very last clip of them 10 years later.
Favourite character: Neville (Always has been)
Favourite quote: "Not my daughter, you bitch!" 

This is another film great film with the master of comedy Adam Sandler, who plays a plastic surgeon he enlists his assistant and her children to pretend to be his ex wife and children all to impress a girl. 
Its full of funny lies and its defiantly a film for the whole family.
Favourite character: Eddie
Favourite quote: "So Michael, your dad tells me you like to go to the bathroom?
Michael: When I feel it, I do it."

Defiantly one of the best rom coms out! Katherine plays a wedding planner who's kept all of he 27 bridesmaid dresses. She's been in love with her boss for years but then her sister comes to town and gets engaged to him asking Katherine to be her wedding planner.
Another film full of funny lines and great songs such as Bennie and the Jets.
Favourite character: Pedro
Favourite quote: "Hey, do you want to come over to my place before the party? Some of the guys from shipping are coming, and they're bringing tequila and bubble wrap."

I read the book before the film, it's such a great adaption. I'm sure many of you have read the book by Jane Austen. I truly love this film, about two sisters who's father has died leaving them in poor circumstances along with their mother and younger sister. 
Favourite character: Margaret 
Favourite quote: "Please don't say anything important 'til I come back."

A bientรดt, M! xo


  1. Love Inbetweeners and Harry Potter :)
    27 Dresses was given to me for Christmas one year, I really liked it but then lost it - oops! xx

    1. Inbetweeners is too hilarious. Whoopsy indeed :)

  2. Really interesting post and blog :)

    Hope you'll visit me :)
    Kisses, Elena

  3. Some good films there. It would take me so long to come up with a top ten. There are so many good films to choose from >.< Also, you've said top 5 and put a top 10 :P

    1. It took me ages, I literally looking at my box of them :) Haha thanks for the correction :P

  4. Some great choiceS!
    i love Sense & Sensibility, 27 dresses, The Inbetweeners and Just go With it...but Labyrinth is AMAZING!!!

    1. I'm actually watching Labyrinth now :) I'm at the part with the door knockers :D

  5. Great movie picks! I found your blog through the BLT blog hop!

  6. Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru the BLT blog hop! OMG I remember being totally scared of the labyrinth too! I'm dloading it again for old times sake!

    Visit my blog if you have time! ;)


    1. Thanks for following, much appreciated! It's soo good!! I sure will :)