Saturday, 19 May 2012

Never Let Me Go.

Sorry I haven't blogged lately as there really hasn't been much to blog about. My purse has been close to empty recently due to the fathers birthday.
I've been baby sitting my cousin Charley on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday! Its a good job I love her <3 

I had a job interview on Wednesday at CeX. It went really well the guy who interviewed me, god he was so fit! He wore a leather jacket (I love a man in a leather jacket!) he was so tall and he jaw line was amazing like a model. If I get the job I probably wouldn't be able to concentrate properly. Afterwards we talked about Leeds Festival and The Avengers. Fingers crossed.

I'm quite excited for next Saturday as its that time of year EUROVISION
Any time I mention it my dad just calls me 'sad & weird'. 
I just love how cheesy it is, all the lyrics and costumes it's amazing!!
I've had many favourite entries over the years but this has to be my ultimate favourite.
Considering this was 5 years ago, me and my friends thought we were cool dancing and singing along to this.

Currently obsessed with:
Film - Freedom Writers.
Tv Programme - Watch's - Grimm and Sky's Smash (Completely in love with this!)
Food - Sweetcorn and Mash.
Drink - Sprite.

Also, I'm so frustrated with myself I have Sky + and when a programme I've recorded is on a break I always forget to fast forward. It's so annoying. Is it just me or do yous do that too? 

A bientรดt!

Meesh xo


  1. luv the eurovision too!! cheesiness and shiny outfits haha!

    never manage to stop myself from watching it!

    1. Same! I watch it religiously :)

  2. Thank you for following me! I've read through loads of your posts today and look forward to more in the future! Courtney xx

    1. You're more than welcome! Thanks!

  3. Oh god that Eurovision entry is the one that I always remember. I was just so shocked, confused, and happy when I saw it all those years ago. Definitely started dancing like them thinking I was hilarious, i'm hoping my dancing skills have improved since then haha.

    Charlotte xo

    1. Haha, its just the epitome of Eurovision!
      I'm sure they have :D