Friday, 20 April 2012

Oooh Gasolina!

Hello lovelies!
I feel a bit down as once again plans this weekend didn't happen.
I was supposed to go to the cinema with an old friend that I've haven't seen in 6 months, she cancelled the night before saying she forgot that she had plans with her boyfriend. Which was a lie as her sister posted a status that they were going clubbing. Urgh!
But I did babysit Charley (my cousin).
How bloody cute!
Her first tooth is coming through :D 

I was meant to go to Beamish, but that has been re-scheduled as Yasmin started a new job that she loves already which is great. So hopefully tonight as we both aren't doing anything we'll have a movie night with a takeaway and a bottle or two of vino :) 

I'm just surfing through Youtube and I see The Saturdays have a new song out, it's ok not fantastic but what is made me realise is that I hate Frankie. I have no idea why but you know when you just want to slap someone as soon as you see them? Yeah, I want to slap her.
I hate living in Britain the weather is just CRAP, the other day I woke up, outside being sunny so I didn't have a coat or brolly. So what did it decide to do absolutely pee down, no kidding I looked like a drowned rat and my hair don't even get me started! And to make matters worse I had sandals on so my feet kept slipping! God, I need a holiday. 
Also on Youtube I've found a song which is a complete blast from the past. It's off the soundtrack to Honey which was released 9 years ago (I feel old).  My and my friend had this song on our mp3 player (oldie) which we tried to sing to. Can you imagine two 10 years trying to sing this not understanding a word of it?
**face palm**

A bientรดt!
Meesh xo


  1. I hate when "friends" lie about going out and stuff, it's annoying! Hope your ok :)

  2. Oh that's not a real friend! You are better off without her in your life, she is not worth your time! <3
    That song haha omg! It brings back so many memories (embarassingly grooving to it while i would wash the dishes in the kitchen haha!), it used to be one of my favourites :)

    PS: Your eyes are mesmerizing, absolutely stunning <3

    1. I know now :) Haha, I honestly forgot how much I loved it! N'awww, thank you! xo

  3. OMG that and my friends used to do the same things, gosh it takes me back. xx

    1. I can't believe it was 9 years ago, makes me feel so old!