Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My 20th!

Hey sweeties!
Well it's finally over, my teenage years have wasted away; adult life is now upon me.
I thought I'd share with you what I wore on my birthday, some people would've seen this on Instagram.

Blouse, George - Maxi skirt, Grazia.

As I don't have a Tri-pod yet, I used the seat of my exercise bike =) 

I love the pattern on this top, I don't have another like it. I bought this last year from George (Asda). I've worn it quite a few times and the quality is the same as when I got it. Extremely easy to wash and iron which is always a bonus.
I've wanted a bluey green skirt for ages to wear with this top, when I was re-doing the sales rack at work, NO ONE ELSE WAS GETTING IT! 
Mwhaha, so I just put 'hold for Michelle' on the back.
Oh the perks of the job, it was £40 to £10 by Grazia but sold in Simply Be.
I know the socks don't quite go but whenever I wear leggings I always feel as if they're going to slide up my leg, so I put socks on just encase, yes I've already told you a numerous of time I'm weird :D I'm normally a size 20 but with it having an elasticated waist I chose an 18 as most of the clothes at Simply Be are quite generous with sizing, it turned out to be a perfect fit. 
As you can see it has an underskirt which is just at knee length.

Me and the guys just went to our usual quiz night, thankfully they didn't sing happy birthday to me, I would've have been redder than a tomato! 
I've finally tasted Krispy Kremes, ermahgerd! 

With Love,
M! xo


  1. Hope you had a good Birthday :)

  2. Yummm! Krispy Kremes are delicious!
    I freaked out when I turned 20 earlier this year too :P
    Cute blouse!

    1. Aren't they just! Its like ahhh adulthood :D

  3. Ahh hope you had a lovelt birthday, I love your shirt!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  4. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!!! that top is gorgeous! xx

    1. Thank you, it was great :)

  5. Love the skirt! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    xo Natasha