Friday, 10 May 2013

Lifescouts: French Language Badge.

Bonjour Sweeties!

Comment ça va? - How's it going?
Oui! Je parle Français, un petit peu! - I speak French a little bit.

When I was little living in Kent we'd used to get the ferry over to France every other weekend just to have a look at the markets. I always found the French accent funny to hear as I didn't understand it one bit.
Until, I moved to Newcastle where learning French was mandatory in my new Primary School.
Right the way through from Year 1 till Year 10 I was taught French, you'd think I would be fluent but I'm not. I never really stuck at it enough and when the summer holidays came around, when we'd go back to school I'd forgotten most of it!
I know enough to get my by on holiday which is always a plus :)

In Year 6, we actually went to French for a week we stayed in the amazing Château de la Baudonnière, we went on day trips to Le Mont Saint Michel which was beautiful, to the local shops in and around Normandy and we made bread! 
As simple as it sounds it was so fun!
Oh, and we ate a snail covered in garlic sauce and a frog's leg. Both  taste like chicken, yes I know everyone says that but they DO!
 I took the snail shell home as proof to my mam, she wasn't happy my bag stunk of garlic for about a week.

I really need to go back to Le Mont Saint Michel and to actually go to Paris then my love affair with France will be over.

Do you speak French?

Much Love, 
M! xo


  1. Obviously I cant speak being deaf but I can write French! I remember travelling in France for a month and made loads of friends ok due my ok French but as I got home, I've got piles of paper written with French conversations!! I can't believe I threw it away, it'd be good for scrapbooking..

    The Young Bridget Jones

    1. Wow, I'm so jealous I'd love do that. I hate speaking and writing it but I love reading it weird I know ha! Aww that would've been perfect!

  2. My mum is a french professor and she speaks it around the house (especially when she gets mad) ALL the time! French will be the BANE of my existance.

    1. Haha! I do that too :D It's so much easier my mam doesn't understand the language so she can never say anything back!