Friday, 1 February 2013

Simply delicious!

Hey Sweeties!

You know when you're in an indecisive mood as to choosing the typical Friday night takeaway.
"We'll get an Indians? No, because I want a Chinese." Sound familiar?

This is me and my friends constantly, so is there a solution?

 (Well only in Newcastle.)
About a week or so ago, a new restaurant opened called Kingdom.
A buffet style with many dishes from different countries, all under the same roof.
Such fun!!

Countries such as Turkey, China, Spain, France, Vietnam and many more.

I went on Wednesday night with a bunch of people.
We each paid £14.99 for the buffet and our drinks were on top of that.
When in comes to food I'm not that adventourous, I tend to stick to the foods that I've had before not trying anything new.
Unfortunatly, I didn't try anything new as I'm already set in my ways.
Although, the others defiantly enjoyed themselves all having food babies.

When it came to the desserts I was in my element.
Marshmellows, custard, ice cream, chocolate cake, jelly and pancakes.

If unlike me you eat loads at buffets taking full advantage you'll love this place.
The food and staff are both lovely, but personally I won't be going there too often.

If you're ever in Newcastle, I'd recommened this place.

Nom, nom!!

In other news, only 28 days till Amsterdam! And I have finally succumbed to Twitter.
If you follow me, please tell me and I'll follow you back.

Much Love,
M! xo


  1. sounds like a great place to try out new cuisines!

  2. Yummy :D I am keen of every type of food :D
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    Valentine Giveaway
    Aree With Umbrella

  3. Sounds like a lovely little place and that photo has definitely made me want to go, purely for the delicious desserts! xx

    1. The desserts is the best thing about it, so many of them!