Monday, 11 March 2013

Vintage Fair

Hey Sweeties! 

Last year a few friends went to Judy's Affordable Fair and they loved it, but unfortunately I was at work so I couldn't go.

Then I seen on Facebook the other week that the fair was coming back to Newcastle. I completely forgot about it until a friend asked about it the night before!

The event was held at Northumbria SU, now you'd think being a student at Northumbria I'd know exactly where to go in actual fact I didn't have a clue!
 I study at a different campus and I'm completely rubbish at directions, thankfully a few friends were already there so they came and met me.

On arrival there was a table out front with two lovely ladies and the cutest tea cup set I've ever seen.
To get in it's £2 but £1 with student ID.

As soon as you walked in you were hit with old rusty vintage smell, which to some people is like mustard, either you love it or hate it. All around the room was racks and tables full of pretty patterned clothes and cute  jewels. I wish I had more money because I defiantly would've bought a LOT more, it's so affordable.

And I bought these:

Much Love,
M! xo


  1. Judy's is often in my town too, I love it :D xx

  2. Ohh I so need to go to this :)
    Love the shirts x

  3. This looks amazing I love the shirts you bought!