Monday, 9 January 2012


When you get to a certain age at Christmas and Birthdays, you already have everything you want. This year I asked for -
Fujifilm Instax 210; Polaroid.
Rob Brydon; LOVE ths man!
18 La Lune; Ever since my step sister bought it for my 18th, I haven't worn anything else.
Pauls Boutique Bag; This was a great suprise as the handles on my other one is giving way.
Also, I got the usual bits and bobs such as toiletries and chocolates.

This was my first polaroid picture on Christmas day! My baby cousin Charley-Erica Chapman Fudge, she's the first baby in the family for 18 years fair to say shes completely spoilt. Charley was my aunts Grandad and Eric was my late grandad.

A bientรดt!
Meesh xo

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