Saturday, 25 February 2012

Let the sun shine.

Hey sweeties!
  1. I'm depressed that I have no money.
  2. I'm depressed that its been over a year since I've been on holiday.
  3. I'm depressed that I can't get a job, no matter how many I apply for.
  4. I'm depressed that my life is not like a Disney movie. (But isn't everyone?)
I'm sitting here looking for holidays as I have money saved up just I have nothing to spend it on. It seems when I have money I don't want anything, but when I don't I want everything. I thought I'd share with you some previous holiday snaps.

New York.
 John Lennon's Memorial @ Central Park.
 Statue from Night At The Museum film.
 Disney @ Times Square.
 Cheese competition @ Central Station.
View from the Rockefeller Centre.

 Camel Riding.
El Jem, where Gladiator was filmed.

M! xo


  1. You've been to some cool places! I love seeing pictures of New York; im going in August and i'm insanely excited! Your pictures from Rockafeller and Empire State look amazing! xo

    1. It's such an amazing place, you'll love it! You need to go to Sephora and the Disney store. Thanks I just wish I had a better camera!


  2. New York! I get excited every single time someone mentions it. I hope I can visit it one day.

    1. Same :D I'm sure you will, its so magical.