Sunday, 12 February 2012

Say whaa?

Newcastle got beat 5-0 by Tottenham! To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement, more like devastated. Its even worse when my uncle is an avid Tottenham fan, my family will never hear the last of it. But I am disappointed at my football fantasy team, I've only got 18 points from today, I was doing quite well in our little league until Cabaye got suspended Ramires with a knee injury and R.Taylor screwing up his ankle against Aston Villa! But at least Cabayes suspension is over :)

I finally got to watch The Inbetweeners Movie yesterday. I nearly pee pee'd myself on so many occasions. I so want a holiday similar to that, it'd be quite hilarious. I've never seen the T.V version of it before so I might have to invest in a box set ! Just off the film Will is my favourite character he's quite lovable <3

Carrying on with the topic films there's SO many I want to see at the moment. This Means War; looks hilarious AND it has the ultimate British hunk Tom Hardy along with Chris Pine who has lovely eyes and more to the point played Kirk in Star Trek.

   Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace; in 3D is an absolute must see, even though the 3D hurts my eyes Star Wars is worth the pain.

The Vow; valentine day movie. I'll end up streaming because I'm an emotional wreck with films like this and I don't like it when people see me cry. I honestly think they have the perfect two playing these roles. Rachel McAdams in The Notebook is just wow and Channing Tatum in Dear John is just *drool and sigh in depression "I want one"*
The Muppets; NEED TO SEE.
Journey 2- The Mysterious Island; I seen the first one Journey To The Centre Of The Earth with Brendan Fraser which was rather good, so I'll see how this compares. Also it has in Michael Caine who I just adore as my grandad was in the film Get Carter with him, which I've never actually seen probably should since my grandad recently passed. R.I.P <3
I'd also like to watch The Descendants with George Clooney its not my usual type of film but it looks quite good.

A bientĂ´t!
Meesh xo


  1. seems like it was a great movie :D
    in btw lovely blog you have here :))