Monday, 13 August 2012

Tiny H&M rant!

Hey sweeties!

I was in town with Kate yesterday shopping, as Kate had some birthday money to spend.

Happy birthday Kate!

So we popped into H&M as she seen a top online in the plus size range.
Me and Kate are both plus size and we're proud of that.
We went to the one on Newcastle's highstreet, which has 3 floors. We looked on each floor and couldn't find the range, in the end we asked somebody.
We eventually found it hid in a dark corner. I was felt uncomfortable and ashamed to be looking.
"Urgh fat peoples clothes, shove them out of the way somewhere"
came to my mind.
What was even worse I felt as if we were being mocked as there was hardly any room to move around the 5 single rows of clothes. They were all squashed together. I won't be going back to H&M as I personally feel that they're are sizest. And the staff just look at you like you're nothing. So I'll be sticking to Dorothy Perkins and George-Asda!

We're going to Digital tonight to celebrate her birthday!
If I have time I'll get an outfit photo.

Five reasons to smile:
1. I've nearly finished reading 50 Shades Darker.
2. It's Kates birthday.
3. I have 3 job interviews this week.
4. I'm getting a new phone in 2 days.
5. 10 days until I go to Leeds festival.

Do you have 5 or more reasons to smile this week?

M! xo


  1. oh no thats not a good shopping experience! I hope they do something about this! I have to admit ive never seen the plus size section in my h&m either - i never knew there was one - i dont see why they have to shove it in a corner :| a high street fashion store should cater for everybody

    Good luck with your job interviews this week! xx

    1. Same, it wasn't pleasant. I know exactly.
      Thank you!

  2. I'm sorry you two felt like that, no one should be made to feel like that, especially by a shop. It's their loss. However, I do have to say my H&M are quite good, the plus size section is quite large and is one of the first few bits that you see. Good luck for your interviews!:D

    Stacey xx

    1. Thanks, hopefully the one in the next town is better :)

  3. That is TERRIBLE! Stupid H&M. Their loss! I havent seen the pluz size area in H&M yet, are they new?

    Mmm, I've got one reason to smile- SUN


    The Young Bridget Jones

    1. Yeah, they came out at the start of '12. Haha, brilliant reason!