Sunday, 2 September 2012

Changes is good.

Hey sweeties!
I'm on a MASSIVE come down from Leeds, all week I've been in bed coughing my guts up with the flu.

Any ways, 
"What do you want to be when you're older?" 
This question haunted me throughout my school years.
I didn't have a clue.

In year 8 I completed a two week placement at a local nursery. I had no experience with children, I'd never even held a baby. I was completely out of my depth. 
At the end of my two weeks, I was singing nursery rhymes and smiling at every child I'd pass. 
I absolutely loved it. 
On my very first day we went to the soft play area, I felt like a child myself.

I want to be around children.
I want to work in a Nursery.

When it came to sixth form, there was only one course to do with children which was CACHE. I couldn't do this as you needed to take CACHE, GCSE which I didn't.
So I chose Art, English Lit, Biology and Psychology. 
These didn't go so well, I own up it was my own fault as my heart wasn't into them and I should've  concentrated more to the annoyance of some of my teachers.

So this time last year while most of my friends started uni, I was signing onto the dole. Then in November my  beautiful cousin came along who I absolutely dote on, having her here made me realise more that I want to be around children. I'd apply for Childcare apprenticeships, had interviews for them but I didn't have the qualifications the other candidates had.  So for the better part of a year I've been looking for any job with no luck. I sat down one night and thought about all of my options. 

I came to the conclusion of being an Au Pair (travelling nanny). 
Combining my love for children and travelling.
So I looked around for college and degree courses, with the little UCAS points I had achieved.
And found a Foundation Degree in Working With Children. I applied, had two interviews and got on the course!

With the new government scheme about Loans and Bursaries being enforced I found out because I'm doing a part time course I only get my tuition paid for.
It's going to be hard but I'm damn well going to try my hardest. 
Thankfully my dad offered to pay for my monthly bus pass.

So as of the 12th of September 2012, I will be starting my degree and making my life better. As its a part time degree, the first 2 years will be took in college and the 3rd at Northumbria University. 
If everything goes to plan I will be off travelling the world looking after children in roughly 3-4 years.

  I'm so looking forward to making new friends and going stationary shopping I have such a thing for it!
If I can get enough money within the next year, hopefully me and Yasmin will be moving in together, she also starts at Northumbria this year doing Nursing.

Are any of you starting uni, if so what course and where?

M! xo


  1. I hate that question 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' I have never really known, even now at 20 years old and about to start my last year of uni, I don't know. I've always had a lot of ideas but never a clear cut dream. If everyone else in the world can work it out, then so can I. Next year I'm planning to go travelling before I have to decide what I want to do. I hope everything goes well for you and you get to do everything you want in life! Oh and I study Magazine Publishing at Middlesex University.
    xo Natasha

    1. I was always jealous of people who knew!
      Oh wow, I'd love to go travelling when I've finished uni.
      Thanks, same to you!

  2. Woow that must be sooo exciting!!

    I am ever so proud of you getting on the course no matter what, not letting something stop you of doing so. I like your attitude girl

    You're gonna have a blast

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. Good luck with everything!

  4. Wow that is a great story of how you came to be doing what you're doing now showing you don't have to take a traditional route to be successful.

    1. Defiantly not, just shows know matter what we do have options :)

  5. yay definitely a step in the right direction! I'm currently doing a psychology degree with absolutely no idea what I want to do arghhh!

    1. That must be so interesting! I did it at A-Level just couldn't get round how freaky Sigmund Freud was.