Thursday, 8 March 2012


Hey Sweeties,
Just a quick update.

As my Aunt and Uncle were both at work they needed someone to look after Charley Erica, which is where I come in! I had the whole day to spend with her! I call her 'Charley Cheeky Chops.' So once I had her pram and bag sorted we headed to the shops and spent a couple of hours at Grandma's :D Once we had seen Grandma I took her to the park and we sat watching the little kids play football, she just sat on my knee laughing and giggling.
Atm, she is currently snuggled up in bed with her favourite toy Shaun the Sheep.

M! xo


  1. ah what a cutie! love your top x

    1. Thanks you have a lovely blog. Great fashion sense :D