Monday, 5 March 2012

Need water!

Well as I said in my last post I was out clubbing on Saturday night in Newcastle. I got in a 4am, on the way home we got on to the topic of religion, as my friend is half Algerian. So the taxi driver started asking who her family were and asked her about Islam. I love taxi drivers!!
We always start in Sam Jacks then work our way down to City Vaults and we normally end up in Liquid but tonight it was all about Cosy Joes!  It was pretty cheap, downstairs was packed so we went up stairs where there was KARAOKE! The first time I've ever sang live in front of people and I LOVED IT! More to the point we sang Summer Of 69 which is the best.
I said I'd have an outfit post but because we did a lot of pre-drinking we were a bit occupied by filling up the shot glasses! But I have one photo which shows most of what I was wearing.

Red blouse - Peacocks.
White vest - Primark.
Textured tube skirt - Primark.
This is a random women btw, we bonded over our love for the song 'I'm so excited' which we ended up duetting to! 

Another unsuccessful night at the quiz, it was on love songs, we had no chance! I'm of to The Slug and Lettuce tonight, with a couple of old friends who I've missed so much. We used to be best friends but since finishing 6th form, we've hardly seen each other. We chose The Slug and Lettuce as Monday is half price night on cocktails and puddings! I may have to wear lose pants. Food baby on the way!

A bientรดt!
Meesh xo


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  2. Thank you!
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