Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Hero II

Hey sweeties!

Wow, it's definitely been a long time since I logged on and there is two main reasons why;
1 - Life has just gotten in the way.
I honestly don't get a single day off and I like it that way. I'm always on the go and not sat doing nothing. I have a two day school placement, whilst attending uni lectures and keeping a 16-24 hour job. Bloody busy!

2 - Lost the blogging mojo.
I started to blog just for blogging sake, nothing meaningful in my posts, to me anyways. There was nothing exciting to blog about, I had no money to buy products and clothes.

Anyways, sometime ago I posted about my hero, being my grandad. Within this post I said I'd be getting a tattoo in his memory. Most of my family members were saying are that's such a lovely thing to do and my mam said 'you'll chicken out', I DID NOT!!

After uni one day me and my friend Leanne wanted something to do since we finished early, any suggestions? Lets get my tattoo! So we drove down told them what I wanted and within half an hour I was inked!
30 minutes done & Now

Now like everyone says after their first I want another one! Which will more than likely be the Eye of Horus the tattoo I wanted done before my grandad passed away.

It feels so good just writing away again with a cuppa and a film on,
what have I missed? How are you?

Much Love,
M! xo

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