Monday, 7 April 2014

Zip the Tyne!

Hey Sweeties!

What are they doing up there!?

Saturday just gone was completely amazing.
A few months ago my cousin signed up to zipwire across the river Tyne, starting from The Baltic roof across the river. I've always wanted to do something like this so I looked at the website and seen you had to pay the entrance fee of £15 then raise a minimum of £100. Through out the next few weekends and months many people will be zip-wiring across the Tyne for different charities. I raised for The Stroke Association as my other grandad (not last past) died of a stroke and his anniversary was a few days before mine.

Me and my cousin went to registration, handed over our fundraising then headed upstairs to get all the safety gear on when we seen people with their mobile phones and jeans on - which we were told NOT to. I had left my coat and everything with my mam who was at the other side of the river, I was bloody freezing!

Once geared up we headed to the roof! AGRH!
I wanted to go first but the guy who was strapping us in put me last, my cousin was slightly nervous then went off with ease. Then mine turn came. I sat down on the edge of the roof swinging my legs as I just wanted to go, though there was another set of people further up the roof doing it so we alternated. With a little push of the nice safety man I was off so fast! I waved to my family who were there whilst trying to turn myself around which was a TOTAL fail. 

Came off the wire, unstrapped everything I was OVER the bloody moon, I wanted do it again!

Joanne and myself.

My little cousin Charley came, 2 years old said "haha it was funny Shelly and JoJo flying" bless her such a bloody cutie!
We got our photographs which were reasonably priced then headed to The Slug and Lettuce, honestly wished I just lived in there.

Definitely recommend doing a zipwire to everyone even, if you're afraid of heights push your boundaries and enjoy something incredible.

Much Love,
M! xo


  1. This looks amazing! You must have felt so proud of yourself. X

    1. I really did, felt so rewarding doing it for a great cause too!

  2. That is amazing, you are so brave! So inspiring that I am tempted to do the same although I am scared of heights eek

    Katrina Sophia Blog

    1. Aww thank you! Honestly the height doesn't matter once you're up there, my cousin is afraid of heights :)