Monday, 21 April 2014

Edinburgh zoo!

Hey sweeties!

All the way back in January, me and the boy went to Edinburgh for the day with one main intention. 
To visit the zoo!! 
I can't believe it's taken me this long to share these amazing photographs.

We got booked our tickets a week before hand through Red Spotted Hanky, with only in a week to go I was amazed that it was only £40 each return. 
With what felt like the quickest journey, we arrived at Waverly Place to meet our connection to Edinburgh Haymarket as it was the closest to the zoo. From there we got on a bus which took about 10 minutes.
When we got there the weather was quite dull and a bit rainy so no surprise the zoo was quite empty. 

Edinburgh zoo is more than amazing!
The fact that there was hardly anyone there meant we could just stand and take photos for a few minutes without people in our way and shoving us to move along. By the end of our visit to the zoo I was on the verge of selling everything I had to buy a zoo and to be honest even if I did I still wouldn't have enough but knowing that the zoo is only a few hours away will do for.

Photography for me is a hobby and I wouldn't say that I'm David Bailey or anything but I am rather proud of stills I captured. 
All photos were taken on my Panasonic TZ35.


This is Yang Guang, unfortunately we never saw Tian Tian.

Afterwards, we headed back into town having a browse in the many shops on Princes Street.
Whilst stopping over for a buger, which unfortunately I can't remember the name of :(

I love Edinburgh just wish we had more time to explore, hopefully is there is a next time it'll be for the weekend and not just the day.

Have you been? and What is your favourite thing to do there?

Much love,
M! xo

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